MyPoints: Why I do it and how you can to…

If you have never heard of MyPoints, you will want to check it out! I signed up and I receive “email offers” in my inbox each day. I simply click on the offer to read more about it, and get points for clicking. Recently there was an offering for 500 points when you purchase a $10 Starbucks giftcard. I needed one to give as a gift, so I bought it thru that offer. The points add up fairly quickly and then I always cash out for giftcards. I used my points to buy myself a Starbucks giftcard. There is also a HOT deal right now with MyPoints. When you buy 3 $10+ giftcards, you get one FREE! How cool is that? So click over and check ¬†out MyPoints.

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  • Nicki S.

    I’ve been using MyPoints for over a year and love it. There is a deal via MyPoints where if you use NetQuote to generate estimates for your home/auto insurance and you decide to switch, you get 5,000 points. I did this when I was unemployed over the winter and not only did we save money, but that’s just shy of a free $50 gift card to do so. I had to jump through some hoops, printing my new dec page and faxing to mypoints, but still worth it.

  • Penny G

    I can’t find that deal…what should I look under?

  • Marcy

    I, too, have been using my points for a few years now. My friend tried to get me to sign up and I was skeptical. I worried that I’d get a bunch of spam email. That hasn’t happened. I love that I can use the points to treat myself to some Starbucks or for a special dinner at Red Lobster (combined with coupons, of course!). I highly recommend joining.

  • amber g

    I started using my points a few months ago when we were purchasing a plasma tv. We went into Best Buy and picked it out, when we were ready to purchase we did so on line with the pick up at store option, earning us a good amount of points. I am already close to a $50 gift card, saving up to use on birthday gifts for my kids. They also have an offer if you make 5 purchases of $10 or more through them within the year that earns you a $10 gift card.

  • ShellySinWI

    I also can’t find the link or offer to get a card free when you order two… could you point me in the right direction?

  • amber g

    How do you get the buy 3 gift cards get one free? thanks!!!!!

  • Christina

    I also can’t find the Buy 3 get one free.

  • My husband and I have both been using Mypoints for quite some time, and we love it! I got a great deal on the Entertainment Book through Mypoints.

  • I have been using MyPoints since 2000 and LOVE IT! Recently they started offering Groupon points too. Sometimes the offers are only available via the BonusMail you get via e-mail (so you may not find it on the MyPoints site). They also have a tracking proces, so if you have missing points from online shopping, you can request and audit of where they are. Still one of my faves after 11 yrs!

  • Arria

    Where is the buy 3 gift cards, get one free deal? THanks!!!

    • Arria,
      You should see that offer as soon as you sign up for your account.


      • Kriegsmarine

        Is the deal not avilable to existing members?

  • Tanya N

    So this deal is not available to existing members?