Need to Know: Walgreens Diaper Deal

  • Is it worth it?
  • How does it work?
  • Are the diapers any good?

Just got back from my trip and want to know if I want to hit my Walgreens before the week is over. I just want to know if other people think this deal is worth it. BTW, I can’t spend more than $2 out of pocket per pack of diaper.

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  • April

    Mercedes…TOTALLY TOTALLY worth it. I paid this morning $5.47 for three jumbo packs of diapers and then a $5 register reward printed, which I took my rewards to albertson’s and paid for my groceries! So essentially I paid .47 for three jumbo packs of diapers.

    Just make sure you’re giving the easy saver coupon first, and THEN the coupon from the pharmacy.

    Email me if you have any questions! I bought diapers for a needy family today and took them 5 packs of 3 different sizes (they have a set of twins and a new baby). This is such a great deal! It works for the pullups (wags brand) and supreme diapers too (less in a bag but better quality and less leaks, IMO)

  • Mercedes

    I thought I read that the 5-2 coupon beeps on certain types of these diapers? white or red bag? do you know?

  • Anonymous

    Well my cruddy WAGS doesn’t have the coupon book. So I paid 11.57 before RR. The diapers are fine for days when you are home and can change often. I am using the white pack right now and they held in two massive explosions today. They seem the same as Luvs to me. Also Huggies Mega packs were on clearance at my WAGS for $9.99- the Supreme which is my favorite for bedtime. With your register reward you can get the price down to $4.99 and if you call Huggies for q’s they will mail you (2) $1/1, and (1) $3/1 which would be $1.99 for a mega pack– whoo hoo.

  • Kristin

    I bought 36 packages for about $2.03 a package. I did not use the pharmacy coupon as it has been posted on boards that this coupon states that it is to be used only on regularly priced merchandise. It would be fraudulent to use them on these diapers if that is the case. I bought my diapers in groups of three, doing four transactions at a time. Then I used the four $5 RR to pay for six packages, paying $2.56.

    After I had purchased these diapers, I realized there was a better way. If you were to purchase 2 boxes of Post cereal for $5, get a 2RR, then use that on diapers, alternating these transactions, you could spend $42.12 (I included the diaper tax, but I’m not sure about the cereal) for 12 packages of diapers and 10 boxes of cereal. If you have coupons for Honey Bunches of Oats, you could spend even less.

  • Denise Sawyer

    I did the deal. I bought 3. The subtotal is $4.47 so depending on your tax it’ll be a little more (my total was $5.31 I noticed another person said their’s was $5.47). Then you get a $5 register reward! So I paid $0.31 for diapers!! I did it twice ($10.61 oop for 6 packs of diapers comes to less than $2 a pack!). Then I turned around and bought cheap sugar, paper plates and other odds and ends that were on sale that I needed – all for free with the $10 register rewards!

    So I say – if you’ve got a Walgreen’s don’t pass this one up!

    Plus the coupon from the pharmacy was very easy to get! I walked up to the pharm tech and said, “I heard you have a coupon book I can have if I just ask.” She reached under the counter and handed me one! That was easy!!

    I bought white and red bags (together) no beeps!
    The lady checking me out didn’t have any qualms about using both coupons – she said she was going to do it herself! Great for baby showers too!

    The “Cent”sible Sawyer


  • mandiex4

    Go for it, it is a great deal. I have been buying diapers for 8 years and I wish I had this deal a long time ago. I have been buying 3 and getting the register rewards. Then I turn around and buy 3 more, and us my resgister rewards to pay for them. So for about 6 dollars out of pocket, I am gettting 6 packages od diapers. That is about 1 dollar a package. This really helps!

  • Sienna

    Yes, this deal works. I had the asst. manager asking me how I did it so that he could tell his wife! Just make sure that the diapers say “Walgreens”, it doesn’t work with the ones that just have a “W”. I think that they are phasing out the old packaging. I rolled my Planters RRs no problems.

  • Mercedes

    I am hoping to swing by my store the next couple of days to check this out. Thank you so much for the help everyone!

  • April

    I had no beeps with the red OR white packages. I’m not sure what coupon Kristin is talking about, because the one that I have says nothing about regular priced merchandise anywhere on it. I double checked with the mgr and showed him both coupons before I used the easy saver and the $2 together and he called his regional mgr just to be sure but they both said “Go for it!”. I don’t use coupons fraudulently, and I made sure that my store was ok before I stocked up. Not only were they fine with it, but my mgr offered to order in more diapers if I wanted and give me a raincheck if they don’t come in before the sale ends this week.

    It’s a terrific deal, and I’m excited to get diapers at such a price.

  • April

    Hi…back AGAIN. 🙂

    I did get beeps today when I went. But when the mgr and I called corporate (we were buying the exact same diapers), they said that this week new diapers came out, the sku is different than the old sku, and they haven’t had a chance to update the $2 coupon to the new sku. So if you get beeps…that’s most likely your problem. Corporate told my mgr to over ride and take $2 off a pack before scanning the easy saver coupon, and all would be well.

  • Mercedes

    Hi April,
    Thank you so much for the update. I just read that the 5.99 price will be back the week of 7/20. So more chances to stock up!

  • Rachel

    Hi…I know that the special is over right now, but will be running again soon. Just thought I would give my opinion on the diapers. I have always been a Pampers user and I like them just fine…bought the white and red packages. The red seem to fit a little better/snugger so I use them at night. As of this moment we have had no leaks.

  • Mercedes

    Hi Rachel,
    I havent checked them out yet but thanks for the heads up. I figured if anything I would use them during the day.

  • Omaha Mama

    I love the price but really hate these diapers! My little guy has had numberous “explosions” in these diapers & our Pampers usually contain his messes. I’ve been doing a lot of stain treating so I’d recommend finding a bargain on that to go with these diapers. Just my experience…. maybe better for a smaller baby!

  • Mercedes

    Omaha mama,
    Maybe that’s the reason Walgreens had Shout on sale last week. I bought training pants for my oldest and they work OK, but I only use them during the day. For my youngest I bought bigger size, so that he is out of the explosion phase when I use them.