Netflix Increases Prices, Outrage Ensues

If for some reason you have missed this, then let me tell you that Nexflix has decided to increase prices by as much as 60%.  I shared this bit of news earlier on the Facebook page and let me tell you, lots of you are very unhappy.  You are not alone though!

If you are not sure what to do or what your options are.  I just wanted to point you to this article How Pricier Netflix Stands Up to Other Options.  It compares the different options.

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  • Kristen D.

    I am hoping the outrage brings Netflix back to it’s sense! Our “$14.99” plan already costs us almost $17 after taxes and all that junk. I am not gonna pay $23-$24 for the same service.

  • Michelle

    My plan only went from $10.99 to $11.99 plus taxes.
    Im still upset over a dollar more for the same old service! 🙁

  • Matt

    Actually, Netflix has been pretty reasonable all things considered. Everyone goes up in arms when prices go up, but facts speak for themselves. In a study almost a year ago, Netflix usage was 20% of all internet traffic in the US. During peak times, Netflix consumed 50% of internet usage only based on 1.8% of subscribers. The prices increase is going to become standard with the advancement of technology (see Verizon).

    Remember, Netflix is a luxury item and convenience is nearly unmatched for what they offer. The $8 (or so increase) amounts to .25 a day. I’m guessing you’ll spend that driving to and from Redbox easily (although Redbox has it’s merits).

    If there is outrage, blame the movie studios.

    • Shannon

      Actually, once you deduct all the mail time back and forth, it winds up being 2+ dollars per movie, and that’s if you send it right back the next day(at least with mail here-it has a 4 day turn around on a good week). Not sure why you figured it by day, unless you keep movies for a long time? And I can walk to a redbox, so I don’t have to spend gas to do it.

  • Emily

    Is it rising if you have no interest – or actually no ABILITY – to use the streaming? We only get ours by mail even though our plan technically includes the streaming capability we don’t use it as we only have dial-up internet. I can’t seem to find anything about whether I’ll get to keep the same price or not.

    • The DVD-only option is also going to be $7.99, just like the streaming-only option.

    • Amber

      The email sent from Netflix includes instructions on how to change your plan. I believe it’s under “My Account.” You can opt for a by-mail plan only.

  • Randi

    we only use the streaming, so it’s nice since that isn’t going up! We used to get DVDs in the mail from them, but now we figured out the streaming and are content with that, plus no waiting for it in the mail. there are a few things we are unable to watch, but for the most part we love it! It still is upsetting for those who do the DVDs in the mail through netflix though that they are raising their prices!

  • Amy

    Actually, before streaming was ever available, we paid the same price to rent one disc at a time. Then streaming became available and, wow, was that a good deal. Our price didn’t go up.
    It only hurts now because they are taking something away and asking us to pay for something that all along we were getting for free. So, while I don’t like the price increase, I could look at it that we were getting something for free for a long time, and that’s a good thing.

  • Tamara Dossett

    It’s fine with me, I never use the streaming part, so I will be getting a price break. I think they should just leave things alone. Now that so many have opted to use them, they figure they can take advantage of us, just like every other company. I wonder what they will do if everyone just drops their service . . . hmmmmm RedBox.

  • Shannon

    They have put almost all local places out of business, so now they raise the prices, at such a high increase(I could understand a smaller raise, but not such a huge one, esp since they did just raise the prices a few months back). I bet local stores will start opening back up.

  • Emily

    Well I pleasantly pleased to find out that since we only use the DVDs by mail and never used the streaming that we will actually be paying less than before!
    Either way, though, you still pay so much less than the almost $5 it used to cost for one new release from Blockbuster or Movie Gallery. Redbox is a great option – and if you can stand to wait awhile I know our local library is a great place to borrow movies for free – and for a week at a time!

  • Amanda Y.

    My problem is I don’t think the online costs are as big as their postage costs, so I don’ t think both parts should be $7.99 each. Also, online is almost only older stuff. Most importantly, online doesn’t offer closed captions for most movies–something that thankfully the deaf assoc. is suing over. It’s pathetic. I was ready to cancel my subscription and go to redbox for that reason before but now I definitely am.

  • Meg

    Some of the stuff I want to watch or either just on DVD or just streaming. A 60% price rasie is a lot. I am seroiusly considering my membership.

  • Meg

    The ceo said it price rise is like the price of a latte. What if you don’t drink coffee. You don’t save the money for netflix by not buying the coffee. Their nuts to think that peope will stick with netflix. I just found them recently. Did without them than can do without them now

  • quit complaining

    if u dont like the price hike, cancel ur subscription!! 7.99 for streaming is not bad at all. Get a roku box and u will get alot more channels for next to nothing or free!!! when i say next to nothing, i mean i paid $5.00 for a YEAR subscription to the drive-in classics channel. So b4 u keep on whining and complaining, check ur options!