Neutrogena Hidden Moneymaker at CVS this Week 2/15


This week Neutrogena Facial Moisturizer or Sun Care products produce $10 ECBs when you buy two products.  The limit is one on this deal.  It’s being reported on HCW that the Neutrogena Facial Bar soaps 3.5 oz bar (UPC 070501010105) also generates the ECBs for this deal.  They cost $2.99 each.

Neutrogena facial bar soap $2.99
Neutrogena facial bar soap $2.99
= Pay $5.98 out of pocket and get back $10 extra care bucks!  That’s $4.02 in profit.


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  • Molly

    As a newbie to CVS I have a couple of quick questions. My paper didn’t have a CVS flier in it (didn’t have almost any store fliers in it). Where can I get one? And were do you get this “beauty book”? Thanks so much for posting, hopefully my first time going will be great! 😉

    • Hi Molly,
      You should be able to find the circulars in the store. You can also view them online at the CVS website. I have found the beaty book by the photo area at the store I visit and also by the make up area. I believe it’s inside or attached to a Reinventing Beauty magazine with Kate Hudson on the cover.


  • April

    Thanks Mercedes! Can’t wait to see if this works for me.

  • Lacey

    I was curious where to find the coupon for the CVS Neutrogena moneymaker???

  • Lacey, you don’t need any coupons and there aren’t any you can use.


  • Shauna

    FYI, the acne bars to NOT work for this deal 🙁

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  • Thanks Mercedes for reporting this deal. I saw it on I did it this afternoon with the Original Fragrance-Free bars. A good idea is to use the 5.98 ECB after doing the Colgate deal this week and it is exactly 0.00. In my state no tax if the coupon covers it perfectly. Also, at my store they wouldn’t accept the $2 off Men’s Neutrogena product CRT. YMMV. – Holly

  • I just did this deal–thanks so much for the tip. I LOVE getting paid to shop!

  • Catrina

    Thanks, this worked great today! I love getting paid to shop!

  • bev

    thanks — im so new at this and im going to try this today at my local cvs store-

  • Megan

    I tried this on the acne-prone skin formula bars first (couldn’t find the others), but didn’t get the ECBs. Then I tried buying the right bars at another CVS and got the $10 ECBs back. Yay! Unfortunately, I ended up paying $2.40 OOP on this deal instead of making money, but I’ll try to sell the bars to make up the difference…

    • Megan, you can also return them and it should be a straight forward return since you didn’t get any ECBs from them. if you used ECBs to pay, the should be able to give a GC for them.


  • Melanie

    Didn’t work for me (booooo!). I will be returning the bars at my next visit! Oh well, glad it worked for some of ya!

  • Kate

    It worked for me!!!!! I am so glad I tried it. I got the last two bars at my CVS store. I used my EBCs from the colgate So I only payed tax and got 10 dollers back!!!!

  • K. C.

    The CVS was out of the bars. . .so I bought the Neutrogena Fragrance Free Facial Cleansing Formula which sells for 7.99. Bought two and it gave me the 10 ECBS’s! While it wasn’t a money maker or even free, I thought it was a good enough deal to get (my CVS will not get more bars in before the deal ends), especially when I used $/$$ off coupon I had. Just thought I would pass this info along cause this facial cleansing formula isn’t listed in the ad.

  • It worked for me. I also found that on the Gold Emblem Multigrain 7oz crackers printed a 1.00 ECB. They were on a back clearance end cap but rang up 1.97(I didn’t check my receipt until I got home!) but still .97 for a box of crackers is a pretty good deal.

  • Eliza

    I tried this today at my local CVS but they refused and told me that I had to get the items on the ad ONLY, I could not use the soaps as one of the items. 🙁 Messed up my whole purchase.

    • Eliza,

      That’s really terrible customer service. If you wanted to buy the soap they just prevented a sale.


  • Deb

    Is this deal over?

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