Neutrogena Rebate Moneymaker at Rite Aid

That Neutrogena Clinical rebate I just shared with you makes for a very sweet deal at Rite Aid next week:

Buy one Neutrogena Clinical $39.99 (online price)
Use $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon
Use $5/1 printable coupon
Use $1/$10 Beauty Wellness coupon
Pay $28.99 oop and earn $2 UP+ Reward

Then submit for the Neutrogena Rebate to get $39.99 back and submit for Rite Aid’s SCR #555 with Wellness Card Bonus get $15 back. I believe that makes this a $28 Money Maker deal.  I would go ahead and print that rebate form in case it gets removed from the manufacturer’s website.

Thanks Mojo Savings!

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  • shiny

    where do I get $10 Beauty Wellness coupon


    You can turn this into a $33 money maker at rite aid (plus you’ll end up with more skin care products).

  • Sandra

    GO on sunday, RA are terrible at keeping things in stock and with these items they have like 1 in then get the next one in like a month later. At least in my experience ;)

  • Mary @4our2cents

    We don’t have a wags close. Is this worth a half hour drive!?

    • Mercedes

      I am going to be sharing a couple of ways to do this deal online. Hang on!


  • Kim

    Awesome! Upon doing some more investigating…In my Rite Aid flyer there is a coupon for $1.50 OFF ANY Neutrogena product!! I live in MA.

  • al

    where do i get the $10 beauty wellness coupon? thanks your pal al

  • Holly

    I can’t find these ANYWHERE! Went to 2 Rite Aids, couldn’t even find the spot that they are supposed to be in, and sales people didn’t have a clue. Argh!

  • meryl

    Not available at my riteaid!
    and my riteaid doesnt accept coupons!!

  • Jose

    Not available at my Rite aid either

  • Sarah Elyce

    Does anyone know if Neutrogena will refund the purchase price or the amount paid (after UP reward coupons that are redeemed)?

  • AQHorse

    Not available at Rite Aid nor CVS in this area – bummer.

  • erika

    has any one recieved there reabte???

    • Sandra

      stiiiiiiiiiiiiil waiiiiiiiiiiiiting but I know others have…

  • Mary @4our2cents

    I called about both (I submitted for the $15 and try me free offers). She went ahead and sent the $15 and told me it was not quite long enough for the full. I sent it on 7/22. She said the offer says 6-8 but really it can be more like 9 since they do not count the time it takes to mail to them. She told me to call back at of next week if I still don’t have it. Sounds like they might have been overwhelmed with submissions. The number is 18005824048

    • erika

      Thanks Mary, I just spoke to them & she told me he something, that they were overwhelmed by the response so its taking longer then expected, she took my contact info and said a supervisor would get back to me to make sure they had in fact received my information