New $10 off $25 Office Depot Coupon

There is a new Office Depot Coupon available: Save $10 off your purchase of $25 or more.  This coupon should come in really handy with the free battery offer the store has available this week.  You can use the coupon to pick up the two free packs of batteries, pay $15.98 out of pocket and get back $25.98 back in rewards.  If you are concerned the coupon may affect your with your worklife rewards submission I suggest this scenario:

Buy two Energizer AA Batteries $12.99 each
Buy $10 in other items you need at home
Use $10 off $25 purchase coupon
Pay: $25.98+ tax
Get $25.98 back in Worklife Rewards

They also have this $5 off a $10 UPS or US Postal Service purchase with this coupon.

Thanks Dealyo!

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  • CJ

    Your Rewards are definitely based on after coupon OOP, if you just buy the batteries and use the $10 coupon you will only get $15.98 in Rewards back.

  • Amy B.

    Like CJ said, you’ll only get back what you pay. Even if you do the $10 of extra stuff scenario, the coupon applies a percentage to each item you purchase. It would take $7.22 off your batteries, and $2.77 off the other stuff. So then your rewards will be reduced by $7.22. The only thing the coupon is good for is to reduce your upfront out of pocket expense.

    • Diane B

      Yes, the money off coupons definitely apply a percentage to each item you purchase, based on your order total.

  • shelly

    Can this coupon be used at Staples? And would I get the full amount back in rewards?

    • mary

      I use OD coupons at Staples all the time since I won’t shop at OD because of a poor customer service experience.

      According to Staples’ website regarding earning rewards:

      “You’ll earn 10% back on the following purchases: all ink and toner used for printers, copiers and all-in-one machines, case and ream paper, and all Copy & Print services. Taxes, postage stamps, delivery charges, pre-paid phone cards, pre-paid gift cards, coupons and gift cards do not count toward earning rewards or achieving Premier status. Qualifying purchase amount will reflect the sale amount after coupon redemption.”

    • Kim T.

      Yes, but call ahead first…..that’s what I did and they take em!!

  • Heather

    Seems to me that using this coupon TO buy the batteries would be a BETTER deal- In the end, you are still getting FREE batteries, and putting LESS $ OOP up front!

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  • Rossi

    How exactly do these rewards work?

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