New Conagra Rebate Available + Kmart Deal

There is a new Conagra Rebate available:  Get $25 in coupons for Conagra brands when you buy $10 in Conagra products.  The mail in form for this rebate is available on the All You Website.  (Thanks Shannon)

This week you can get a good deal on this by taking advantage of Kmart Super doubles:

Buy 12 Chef Boyardee products $1 each
Use three $1.50/4 Chef Boyardee coupons (doubled)
Pay $3 out of pocket  (Thanks Rose)

Then submit this receipt for this rebate and get the $25 in coupon savings back.  These would also make a great donation to your local food pantry.  I noticed on Sunday the person ahead of me had problems doubling this coupon.  Even though the coupon says “do not double” on it the register should still be able to double it.  You need to make sure that the cashier picks four Chef Boyardee products when s/he is prompted by the register.

Did you have any problems having this coupon doubled?

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  • Leslie

    I would be really nervous if you were behind me in line!! With my six munchkins I’m always messing something up. =)

    • Kerri

      LOL. I have six too, and always messing deals up!

  • Stefanie

    I had troubles with it being doubled & then she said that it says “Do Not Double” on it. I told her that Meijer still doubles them even if it says that. She tried picking 4 things and it wouldn’t work. The mgr came up & he said the same thing about it saying that it’s not supposed to double & I told him the same thing about Meijer. She had to manually key it in & it did end up doubling.

  • Tanya

    I had this problem. It did not double. I brought my receipt up to the serice desk and they credited me double the amount back on a gift card which I thought was very nice.

  • Leslie

    and there I go forgetting my question… I always disgarded my “do not double” coupons when shopping somewhere that is doubling. Was I wrong? Do they actually double??


    • Emily

      Most do. I think if it starts with a 5 it should double. My kroger doubles up to 50 cents and even the blinkies double and they not to. As long as it starts with a 5 it should.

    • Andrea

      Yep – they do double! Basically, that is just the manufacturer’s way of saying, “We will only reimburse you (the store) for the coupon at face value.” Some stores have deals through their marketing department with the manufacturers to sponsor doubles, while some stores eat the “difference” of a doubled coupon.

  • Katie

    I didn’t try this coupon, but I had a 1.50 Q for Huggies wipes the other day. The K-Mart cashier wouldn’t override it when it didn’t double because it said not to multiply it. I didn’t fight it because I was with my 11 month old and our Wichita K-Marts just don’t seem safe at night so I was ready to leave.

  • My store isn’t taking printable internet coupons. I’ve called corporate and then called the store and told the manager that corporate said they should be. After accepting printables on Sunday and Monday, they stopped taking them on Tuesday. This is my first Kmart doubles and there is a reason I don’t shop at Kmart…

  • Kim T

    I tried to use this coupon onMonday at Kmart and it did not double, even the manager tried!

  • brenda

    Mine didn’t double today either. My cashier was awesome and just rang it twice. She was super nice about it…which is funny b/c I tried the same coupon at a DIFFERENT Kmart the other day and she was NOT nice about it. It really does depend on the cashier. =)

  • kara

    i went to k-mart last night + what started out as a major hassle (which is the norm at our k-mart!) ~ ended up very sweet! first, i was told that they were only doubling coupons on sunday, 4/4, + i very nicely responded that i had just received an email from corporate that morning that the double coupons was from 4/4 – 4/10. she apologized + said she must of been wrong. then she tells me that they can’t take printed internet coupons +, again, i nicely said that i had emailed corporate about that (it had happened to me before at this store) + gave her a copy of the email from corporate, they called a manager over who very briefly scanned the email + said it was fine to take them. i ended up with 4 cans of chef boyardee (to donate), dove deoderant, reynolds recycled foil, kellogg’s fruit snacks. a bag of snausages + a bag of lifesaver gummies (needed a filler) all for $0.99!!! it was worth the initial hassle + i may even try again later this week.
    btw ~ the $1.50/4 conagra coupon worked fine for me.

  • Crystal

    YES!!! I did have trouble with it, and the customer service desk was not very helpful and kind of acted like there was nothing they could do about it, but finally after standing there with my 1 year old son (who was getting VERY impatient”), they just gave me a dollar and said they’d figure it out with the register later. Close enough, I didn’t get my $.07 tax back, but I was so happy to just have SOME sort of resolution to the issue!

  • Kim

    Mine would not double and they were very rude about the fact that I would even ask. She pressed the button for all right products and it would not work. She also kept telling me that I could only use two of the same coupons even though that was not what it said on the rule sheet. My third soft scrub coupon would not work but when I got home I noticed that it did not work because she only scanned two of the soft scrubs and did not charge me for the other two. Not sure what was going on with my cashier yesterday :-[

  • cherish

    I had several items that would not double either and an irritated checker. I was frustrated and ended up paying a lot more than I probably would have for some of the same items at Target or Walmart with their usual sale and coupons. I agree with most of the posts above…this is why I hate Kmart and really don’t forsee them in business in a few years.

  • Alexandra

    Here in Nashville they wouldn’t double it for me either. So I just had them take them off my order. I’m bummed that I went in so late though because I only got 4 items instead of 5. Huge bummer. I did go back today though for 5 more. And plan to go back the rest of the week. Luckily for me there are 3 Kmarts within 10 minutes, but one is practically across the street. I’m loving this.

  • Sara

    I noticed that on the form for the $25 in coupons it states you have to send in your original Supercenter cash receipt. Is there actually a store called Supercenter, or can I purchase the products at K-Mart and still send in for the coupons?

  • Atalocus

    If a coupon says “do not double,” the merchant’s system is aware of this in most cases and will not allow that coupon to be doubled because the merchant will not be credited for the doubled amount. If the Kmart store in your area decides to double a coupon for you that explicitly states “do not double”, they are likely to be eating the cost to appease you. I also find it essential to remark that when the system inquires that the cashier select the items to which a coupon applies, this is NOT because the system is not aware of what items apply to the coupon. The system asks because there are likely multiple items that may apply to the coupon and it wants to know which specific items are desired. This is where customers are often confused. They tend to believe that choosing the wrong items will not allow the coupon to double…wrong! The system has accepted the terms of the coupon even before the cashier selects the items. If it says “do not double,” and the system is aware of this, it will not double no matter what items are chosen.

    The systems are highly accurate in all aspects and when they require that the merchant intervene in any way (by this I mean utilizing methods to bypass or override the system), it is likely due to customer misinterpretation (and the merchant’s willingness to feed into that misinterpretation to keep your business) or a signing error.

    These systems are much more complexed than one may initially percieve.

    • The merchant NEVER gets reimbursed for the doubled amount of the coupon. Doubling coupons is a store promotion and the cost is absorbed by the store. You will read most coupons tell the retailer that they will get reimbursed for the FACE value of the coupon PLUS a handling fee. A manufacturer adds the wording “do not double” to make sure the retailer knows they will not get reimbursement for doubling the coupon.


  • Atalocus

    Excuse me, that last word is spelled perceive*.