New Coupon for Free Cheese at Walmart

You can use this $.50/1 Frigo Cheese Coupon to get FREE cheese at Walmart. Don’t forget to hit the back button to print it a second time! The single cheese sticks are priced at $0.40, which means you will get $0.10 back! I did not put in any zip to find this coupon, or try 90210 if you don’t find it.

Thanks Keeping Cents!

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  • Cindy

    I clicked on the link but there was not a coupon for this cheese. I even put in several different zipcodes and still nothing.

    • Tiffany Reeves

      I found it under zip 90210 and when I clicked on Foods, for me it was on the third page in the right hand column. Hope that helps!

  • amanda

    yea the same thing happened to me. I dont have time for these kind of games and is why I have a hard time dealing with coupons.

    • cindy

      I just found and printed it using zip code 90210, then clicked on Foods. I know it can be frustrating sometimes trying to get good deals when things don’t seem to “work”, but please always remember that these bloggers are here to help us and do a great job providing us with sooooooo much more info than I could ever obtain on my own. It can be disappointing when a deal doesn’t work out the way I planned or I miss out on a deal or coupon, but I am just thankful that this type of help is available at all and look forward to catching it (a good deal/coupon) then next time around!!! 🙂

    • Niki

      I just found it, but it took a few times, because it doesn’t show a picture of the string cheese, it shows pics of other kinds of cheese. Hope this helps.

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