New Coupons to Print: $5/1 Enfamil and $1/2 Libby’s Canned Fruit

Looks like is back at it today and you can score two more HOT coupons. Print your coupon for $5/1 Enfamil baby formula. You can pair this coupon with an Enfamil check to make this deal even better!  Try zip code 16214 to find the Enfamil coupon.

Also while you are on, use zip 79410 to print a coupon valid for $1/2 Libby’s Fruit Products!

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  • JH

    I can’t see the Enfamil coupon on Can you tell me what zip code you are using to see it? Thanks so much!

    • Dessirae

      Try zip code 30303! 😉

  • beth

    I wanted to print the $1/2 Dole fruit coupons, but notice that it is for Libby’s. I assume they are owned by the same company? if I print the Libby’s coupon, will the store take it for Dole’s. We don’t have Libby’s here- only Dole Fruit.

    • Oops Beth! Thanks for catching that typo.


  • sg

    I do not see the Enfamil coupon either. Help!

  • GJ

    Try zipcode 16214.

  • Chillto

    I can’t get the Libby’s coupon to print…neither the fruit or the vege’s. The other coupons print and it doesn’t show that there is any problem….it just won’t print.

    • Chillto,

      HAve you tried using another web browser? I sometimes can’t print from Firefox, but if I switch to Internet Explorer it works fine.


      • Chillto

        I tried both Firefox and Internet Explorer. The other coupons that I printed at the same time printed fine 🙁

  • TMB

    I can’t find the Enfamil coupon either using that zipcode. 🙁

  • Hello –

    Just thought I would share how I found the Enfamil coupon.

    Put in zipcode 16214 and then select “expiring in 7 days”. The coupon is on page 2.

    I just just printed it so it is there this morning.

    Crossing my fingers this works for everyone. 🙂


  • Another tip..if your using a MAC and you weren’t able to find it I would empty your cache then go back into again. Sometimes safari get’s bogged down and doesn’t refresh the page.