New CVS $/$$ coupon

CVS shoppers: do you find you need those $/$$ coupons? I haven’t used one in two months. I have been able to gets lots of freebies while rolling and sometimes even growing my extra care bucks. I also recently took a look at the October Book. A few people were upset that there was not one single monthly freebie. But I think sometimes people lose perspective. Take this week as an example, there are TWO freebies. I feel that even though CVS may not be as “generous” as it once was it is still putting out deals for its customers. Let’s not deny the current economic crisis either. I am sure as a corporation they are also feeling the economic downturn.

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that in order to access this coupon you DO need to be a subscriber to the print version of this newspaper. Hotcouponworld also got in touch with CVS about these online coupons. Check out this announcement to learn CVS intentions regarding these coupons.

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  • Dana

    I agree. I haven’t used one in a very long time. I have made it my personal rule to always have 10 ecbs. Occasionally I’m under and occasionally I’m over, but I usually have my 10, and this allows me to get whatever freebies there are for the week. I usually have to do multiple transactions, but that’s not a problem where I shop. They actually suggested that I do that to maximize savings. I’m just not comfortable using a $/$$ coupon that is printed from a publication that is nowhere near my area. I’m in a small town, and so I only have one CVS, where they know me very well, so if I feel a little funny about something, I just don’t do it.

  • Bethany

    I’m pretty new to CVS and I love the place. If it’s not as “good as it used to be” then I can’t imagine how great it was! There were two freebies this week and with coupons, several other freebies. Also, as far as monthly deals, the Ambi and Arnicare were moneymakers!! That’s better than free deals! 😀

    I went to CVS on Saturday, Sunday and today (Tuesday). The scanner machine gave me a $2/10 coupon on Saturday and Sunday and a $5/50 one today! I was thrilled! 😀

  • Sonia

    I like it better having free items by the week instead of the month

  • Sharon

    I use them every single week. Not to disagree, but there were a LOT of freebies this week. It just takes a little longer to find them and then to get the right coupons. You can check out my deals that I got this week. I actually went there 3 times already because I kept finding something else that was a great deal!

  • justusseven

    CVS has a new policy about store coupons printed from the internet…DARN!