New Digiorno Pizza Coupon: $3 off One

There is a new DiGiorno Pizza coupon available.  Save $3 off one package of Digiorno Pizza & Breadsticks.  It seems this is a new product and I am not aware of the price.  But $3 off one seems like a high value coupon to me.  Click on “Skip to Coupon” on lower right corner.  Sounds like pizza for dinner to me!  Enjoy!

Thanks Mrs Buys More Saves a Lot!

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  • Amy

    Kroger has them for $7.99

  • Sara

    Walmart has them for 6.25.

  • Debbie

    Thank you!

  • Marie

    I got one last night at Winco for $5.98, so this coupon will cut that in 1/2

  • Brenda

    I had a house party for these and they are GREAT!

  • Ashley

    I actually did the Digiorno house party for this new product. At my Jewel they were about 8.50, but were on sale for 6.00. The breadsticks are really good, but Would not buy this at full price since there are only 8 breadsticks in the box.

  • Julie

    This is $8 at Pick N Save. It is not a pizza I would pay that much for at full price either. My sister did the House Party, and I got the $4 coupon. I used it towards my total for doubles at PNS so it was nice, they are good, just very expensive.

  • Erin L

    I found them for $6 at my Pick N Save (Kimberly, WI). They had a blinky coupon for $1 off by them too that I used yesterday on double coupon wednesday. The regular price is $7.99.

  • Michele

    They are on sale by me at Festival Foods (Appleton) for $4.88. I also did a House Party for them, so I stocked up on the pizzas using my $4 off coupon, getting the pizzas for 88 cents a piece. I agree they’re expensive pizzas and I wouldn’t purchase them if I didn’t have the coupons.

  • beca

    Publix has them on sale 2 for $10!