New Dollar Tree Deals – Now Accepting Manufacturer Coupons

In case you haven’t heard, starting this week Dollar Tree is now accepting manufacturer coupons!  I haven’t been posting anything as of yet because with all a new endevours there are bound to be a few kinks.  I have read several comments around the web from shoppers with good experiences and some not so good. 

 If you plan on shopping the Dollar Tree deals I would be sure to print a copy of their Coupon Policy to have with you.  You may even find coupon values being limited to 99¢ and under only but it doesn’t seem to be consistent.  Here are a few deals that shoppers were able to grab:

Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick Deodorant – $1
Use $1/1 Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick from SS 8/12
FREE after coupon

Garnier Fructis Leave In Conditioner – $1
Use $1/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Treatment
FREE after coupon

Soft Scrub – $1
Use $1/1 Soft Scrub from RP 8/19
FREE after coupon

L.A. Looks Gel – $1
Use $1/1 L.A. Looks Product from RP 8/19
FREE after coupon

Post Shredded Wheat -$1
Use $1/1 Post Shredded Wheat Cereal OR
Use $1/1 Post Shredded Wheat Cereal from SS 8/12
FREE after coupon

L’Oreal Eye Liner – $1
Use $1/1 L’Oreal Paris Eye Product from  RP 7/22
FREE after coupon

Welch’s Fruit Snacks – $1
Use $0.50/1 Welch’s Fruit Snacks
Pay $0.50 after coupon

Libby’s Canned Vegetables – $1
Use $1/4 Libby’s Coupon from RP 8/26
Pay $0.75 each after coupon when you buy 4

Luden’s Throat Drops – $1
Use $1/2 Ludens’s Throat Drops
Pay $0.50 each after coupon when you buy 2

BIC Cover It Correction Fluid – $1
Use $1/2 BIC from SS 7/29
Pay $0.50 each after coupon when you buy 2

Pure Silk Shaving Cream 8oz – $1

Use $0.80/1 Pure Silk Shave Cream from RP 7/8
Pay $0.20 after coupon

Malt O Meal Cereal  7oz – $1
Use $1/2 Malt O Meal (NO size restriction)
Pay $0.50 each after coupon when you buy 2

Curad Gauze Pads – $1
Use $0.50/1 Curad Product
Pay $0.50 after coupon

Crest Toothpaste – $1
Use $0.75/1 Crest Toothpaste from PG  7/29
Pay $0.25 after coupon

Rose Art Glue Sticks – $1
Use $1/3 RoseArt Product from RP 7/29
Pay $0.66 each after coupon when you buy 3

Soft Soap 5.5 – 11.25 oz – $1
Use $0.35/1 Soft Soap from SS 8/12
Pay $0.65 after coupon

If you’ve shopped at the Dollar Tree already what has been your experience?

Thanks Raining Hot Coupons

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  • Janet

    I guess different Dollars Tree’s are accepting coupons per their discretion. I went to the Dollar Tree on S. Academy and I couldn’t use many of my coupons because they said it didn’t match the required min weight. I tried to get the Crest Toothpaste and I couldn’t. Which Dollar Tree in the Springs did you go to. Maybe I’ll try that one instead. Maybe they are alittle bit more relaxed with their requirements. Thank you

  • Amanda

    I visited a Dollar Tree in Iowa today and tried to use the $1.00 off any Disney or Marvel coupon. The cashier had to call a manager as he had never received a coupon. When the manager reviewed the coupon she said that I was not purchasing the item pictured on the coupon. I politely told her that it said ANY… after a few minutes of trying to explain the coupon to her I decided not to purchase the item. The customers behind me seemed to be getting frustrated. I think I will wait a few weeks before I try another Dollar Tree.

  • tammy

    I heard that products like out hygeine products and cleaning products don’t always have the same ingredience as the ones you buy at the store. Is that true?

  • Kristina L.

    I had to wait a long time because the younge man was nervous about doing the coupons and he kept calling over a manager that was very nice but did tell me she thought they would start putting limits on how many you could use. I also had a lady behind me that was made at me using coupons that she stormed out and didnt purchase her items. 🙁

    • oh jeez Kristina!
      I think the Dollar Tree will go through a normal learning curve and hopefully things will get easier and better. I think it’s hard to go from zero to sixty, people don’t like change.


    • heidi

      couponing is hard wherever you go – I was at CVS the other day and as I was checking out I heard this guy start talking behind me – he said lady you are unbelieveable. I turned to look who he was talking to and it was me. He was making fun of my using coupons and holding up the line. His wife sat at giggled at everything he said. There were lots of people in line behind him watching the whole thing. I just said – well, i guess you have a lot more money than I do – and he said I know I do. I tried and tried not to let it bother me, because I know he was a jerk and guess what – all he was buying was bottles and bottles of alcohol. It is so hard when people are rude to you for using coupons.

      • Andrea

        I really HATE mean people. So sorry you had to experience that.

  • S

    I almost always have problems when I take coupons to Walmart or Rite Aid. Walgreens had already accused my coupons of being photocopied in the past, the other two places always have to call over a manager to stare at them and even if it’s from the newspaper they still think it’s fake. My Dollar Tree is already full of disgruntled employees, I highly doubt they will accept any coupons even if you have them for the right product. They’ll most likey say it’s for the wrong size, or tell you the item is .99 and the coupon is $1.00 so they won’t take it..

  • recyclebydeesign

    As long as I am not in a big hurry, I let people go in front of me. I let two go before me today at Dollar General. They were on lunch break and were very appreciative. It also is a good way to warm up a reluctant cashier. My cashier was happy to use my coupons, however.

    I also warn people who may be unloading behind me, saying that I am careful and they all should work, but there may be a glitch. I find that particularly the case at Target, where they don’t always code their coupons according to all of the products in a generic Up and Up offer.

  • Andrea

    Went to Dollar Tree today and had no issues using a coupon.

    Went to another one a mile up the street because the first store didnt have all the items I wanted. NO ONE at this store knew how to ring the coupon. The cashier even asked me if I remembered how they did it at the other store. Huh? Soooo I ended up walking out and leaving my stuff. It was so frustrating because I was holding up the line while the manager got on the phone with someone to get instructions, which didn’t help. I did let the people behind me go ahead of me and waited for about 10 minutes, but gave up because it was not that serious. Maybe I’ll try again when they’ve worked out all the kinks.

  • Nancy

    I couponed at Dollar Tree for the first time today. The cashier was nervous but the manager walked her right through it with no problem. The cashier said is that all there is to it? The manager replied with an excited yes! She was thrilled to see what coupons I was using because she also coupons! Great experience. Just with I had a Dollar Tree in the town where I live!

  • Lisa

    Even though I have not attempted to use coupons at the Dollar Tree here in Tampa, FL. I did go in a few days before hand to see check out all name brand products and see what they had. From time to time they have some new stuff. Anyhow there was someone stocking the shelves and I said to her “I understand the dollar tree is going to be accepting coupons.”. She said yes but she didn’t understand why since their prices are so low already. I mentioned to her that in these times every little bit helps and any savings is a good for the customer. Well she didn’t make any comment that she agreed. So I have a feeling there will be alot of locations nationwide that will not like the idea of accepting coupons. And therefore they will be REALLY strict and find every reason to no accept them. I would suggest to anyone that might have any problems they should call Dollar Tree corporate to let them know. So they can look into it. Some places don’t train their employees enough about coupons and that they have to READ THE PRINT and not go by the picture on the coupon. I’m a 3rd generation couponer and I find myself telling cashiers how to read the print instead. Some cashiers don’t care and scan the coupons and others they have to really inspect them like their lives are on the line or something.

  • stephanie

    I used some coupons at the dollar tree in so cal and the cashier was awesome! She just double checked that the items went with the coupons and scanned them right through! she even asked me where I found them so she can get some too! it was a good experience, especially for being only a few days after the policy began. I am going to shop at that same one often because it seemed like they trained their employees well for the new policy 🙂

  • rhonda mills

    I went on Wednesday, and could only fine one item. the Garnier Fructis leave in Conditioner. Someone had been in on Monday and bought every thing off the shelves with tons of coupons. They let her go back thru the line several times.

    They actually do not scan the coupon. They just put in the amount and minus it out.

  • Dana

    I was disappointed to find that my Dollar Tree does not carry a lot of the brand names that I was told they might and that i could use a coupon for. Then I did have coupons that I could have used, but the size or weight wasn’t accepted according to the coupon. Toothpaste had to be 4oz or more, but all the toothpaste was less than 4oz. Same for deoderant I had a coupon for. It was 2.4oz and it said on the coupon that it excludes that size. I was disappointed after being so excited to get lots of free or really cheap things. I was able to get 2 toothbrushes and some Malt o Meal cereal. But that’s it. 🙁

  • Dana

    Disappointed that many of the sizes were too small. The coupons would say it had to be 4oz or more, and of couse the product there was 3.8oz. That happened for a few items. Or I couldn’t find the brand names I was hoping to be able to use that were on the list above.