New Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards Code


If you are signed up for the new Huggies Rewards Program: Enjoy the Ride, I have great news for you.  Reader Melissa emailed me the code she received by mail.  This code is LNXBX-DXTSH-BSPGB (Expires 12/31/0) and when you add it to your account it should add 5 points to your account.  If you have not signed up for this rewards program yet, check out this post here and after you enter all codes available you should end up with more than 20 points in your account.

I noticed they have added more instant win prizes since the last time I was there: a $25 Visa Card, a $25 GC to Applebees and a $10 GC to Subway.  I hope you have more luck than me because I “blew” all 24 points I had trying to win the Visa gift card and of course didn’t.

Edited to ad: Here’s another five point code shared by Amy in the comments section: RSZNG TJNPH DHPGB. Thanks Amy!

Thank you Melissa!

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  • Amy

    Just wanted to give you another code that they have on their facebook worth 5 as well.

  • Nicky

    Thanks Mercedes, Melissa, and Amy. Just got 10 points.

  • Melissa

    Amy – what is the FB page called?


  • Amie

    Hi…I just registered with enjoy the ride programme – thanks for the codes. Question: how do you get the codes – are they on the wipes, diaper – if so, I cant find it or maybe am having a “silly” moment.

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  • Kristina

    TKHNF-RLPLS-TRPGB- think its another 5 points

  • karitica

    l really need codes please,thank you and God Bless bye!!!