New Link: Sample of Gain detergent from Sam’s Club


Offer is Over now.

The Gain detergent sample has reset.  I signed up for this one before and was just able to do so again.  All you need to do is visit the Sam’s Club website and sign up for your sample.  You do not need to enter a membership number to get this sample.


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  • fran

    I’m curious, has anyone actually gotten Gain detergent? It says sample the “scent” of Gain. All I got was one of those scratch and smell things. Mine was from WalMart. If anyone does get an actual detergent sample, can you let me know? Thanks.

  • Lacey

    I could not find where to click to get the sample once I clicked on the link from your e-mail. It directed me to the Sam’s page, but there was nowhere to click for sample.

  • I couldn’t find it on the Sams site either. Please help!