New Lipton Tea Coupon | $0.38 each at CVS

There is a new buy one get one free Lipton Tea Coupon available.  Lipton Tea is on sale at CVS 4/$5 this week and when you buy 4 you get $1 Extra Care bucks back.  You could do this deal:

Buy four Lipton Teas $5
Use two buy gne get one free printables
Pay $2.50 plus tax out of pocket and get back one $1 extra care bucks

That makes it $0.38 each.  See more CVS deals here.

Thanks, Couponing for 4!

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  • Diana

    All out of product Again :( I’m beginning to not like CVS so much.


      They never have stock for the start of a sale! I always try to go at the end of a sale. My store told me they get inventory on Tuesdays, so when people buy out the shelves at the start of the sales on sunday its cool because they’ll get more on tuesdays. I go beteen Wednesdays and Saturdays and almost always get what I need.
      Find out when your store get their stock. Maybe that could be a solution for you too!

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  • Teri

    I got my tea today. I got 4 Lipton Teas and 5 Vitamin Waters for only 0.50. I also got back 3.00 in ECBs.
    I told my Mother about it so she went in and got 4 Lipton Teas and 5 Vitamin Water for 1.58. She also got back 3.00 in ECBs.

  • tony g

    I need help I don’t get it. I walked into rite aid and I gave them the four teas and the bogo coupons. And gave my cvs card. I still paid two something. And at the bottom of my recipt wad the 1 $ cvs buck. So was I suppose to cut it out and hand it over for the tea. Or what? I don’t feel Luke I paid 38 cents

    • Mercedes

      Hi Tony,

      The $0.38 is the nest cost of each is after you deduct the $1 extra care bucks you got at the bottom of your receipt. the $1 is a coupon good on your next purchase at CVS and us couponers treat it as good as cash.


      • Tony

        I messaged you on the contact link so you can delete that . Thanks Mercedes… So basically extra bucks is all about setting up the next purchase?? I was thinking that once i scanned my cvs card, he would say you get a dollar off on the teas do u want to use it now. Or i thought id have to make like 3 different transactions and use the EB for each transaction to offset the other item. Basically i went to CVS last night and got the powerbars ( 2.49 ECB) also the four teas ( with the BOGO coupon and i would get the 1 $ ECB) and the kashi ( 2 off from recyclebin coupon with the 1 ECB) and the Irish spring soap ( i had a coupon i think for 2 bucks off ) all listed on your CVS Free items what would u have done when walking up to the checkout?

        • Mercedes


          Now that you have some extra care bucks, the name of the game at CVS is to lower your out of pocket expense. So what you want to do is split up your orders so you can use some of the extra care bucks you already have in the process of getting more.
          Even in the transactions you did yesterday you could have done the powerbar and irish spring deals first and then use those ECBs to pay for the Kashi in the next transaction. That way you would have lowered your out of pocket expense.
          Have you downloaded my free couponing ebook yet? and here is also a shopping guide for shopping at CVS. It will give you a better idea of how things work at that store.


          • Tony

            Thanks :-) Have an awesome day!!