New Printables: Axe, Yo Plus, Eggo and More


This month I have been really impressed with the great printable coupons that have come out. I have my hopes high for more awesome coupons in June. Here are some good ones that just came out yesterday:

$2 off any Axe hair or Constrict Hair Product
(excludes trial size). I am feeling a CVS or Walgreens deal coming up. Usually high value coupons come with promotional campaigns at stores that sell the products.

$1 off Yo Plus yogurt. My kids love this yogurt and am very excited to see this coupon make a comeback.

$1 off Athenos Feta. I love this on a homemade greek salad (couscous, chickpeas, tomatoes and cucumber with Kraft zesty Italian dressing)

$1 off Eggo bakeshop

$1 off Del Monte fruit chillers (the tubes sell for $2 each at Walmart)

Buy one Get one Free Baskin Robbins 31 Below


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  • Cassandra Lonestar

    I am new to couponing and was just wondering what your game plan was with printable coupons. Do you print them out when you find them? Or only when you see a sale and then print them out? We eat mostly organic and don’t use many beauty supplies or processed so i don’t want to print those out but If I find that CVS has some for me I would like to get them to donate or give away. So should I just print them out anyways? What is your suggestion? thanks!

    • Hi Cassandra,

      Print them if it is something you are going to use. Or if you recognize that it’s a high value coupon that may make something you donate free. But I have made the mistake of waiting to print coupons only to find them gone on the same day! I was very upset because it was something my family used.


  • Lil

    Cassandra – My gameplan generally is to print the coupons for those items/brand that I typically buy as well as any moisturizer, toothpaste/toothbrush, shampoo/condition and deodorant. In my experience some of the high value coupons don’t stay on the website for long and may be gone when the “good sale” happens.

    Often it’s worth getting the health/beauty coupons because combined with sales you can get the stuff for free. I don’t think I’ve paid for toothpaste in years. Ditto for toothbrushes. And like you said…you can give away the items you don’t need.

    Also keep in mind that while you might not be able to use all the coupons. Others can. I mail some of my expired coupons to women at military bases overseas where they accept expired coupons and I give the food/brands I don’t use to my FIL. He’s my coupons buddy!