New Target Coupons: Produce, Bakery, Meat and More

Target has made available more store printable coupons on their website today.  Here are some of the coupons you can expect to find and be able to print:

$1/1 Market Pantry or Archer Farms Bakery purchase
$1/1 Sutton & Dodge® steakhouse-quality choice Angus beef item
$1/1 Fresh Produce
$5/1 Prevacid
$0.50/1 Hostess muffins
$1/1 Dove Chocolates
$2/1 Kids Denim
$0.50/1 Archer Farms® Rosemary Artisan bread
$0.75/1 up & up™ facial skin care item

I think the $0.75/1 up&up facial skin care item has some potential. There are lots of things considered skin care like cotton balls and such. Make sure to come back and share what deals you get with these coupons.

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  • Michelle McVay

    Hi, I went to Target recently and the cashier said they will no longer be taking Target coupons, has anyone else heard this.

    • Mickie

      Michelle – I was just there and they took a bunch of them. I never heard this before. Plus why would they still have them if they would not be taking them? It doesn’t make much sense.

    • Kristina L.

      You need to call Target Corporate when your at the store and tell them that the store is not taking Target Coupons. That is crazy because like Michelle said why are they still on there website.

  • Rose

    The bakery coupon excludes .99 cent items… bummer!

  • Michelle McVay

    I think the cashier I had thought it was too much trouble to take coupons, I had to go over to customer service and get $9.00 dollars back she didn’t take off.

  • Michelle McVay

    Is Target still taking there coupon with a manufacturer?

  • Does anyone know if Target still allows coupons to be printed at the Wedding Registry computer?

    • C