New Target Mobile Coupons | Free Transformers Toy and Olay Products

target mobile coupons 72311 New Target Mobile Coupons | Free Transformers Toy and Olay Products

Here are the Target Mobile coupons that came to my phone yesterday.  Not signed up for Target Mobile coupons yet?

  • Dyson Vacuum 15% off
  • $5/1 Transformers: Dark of the Moon Action Figure
  • $3 off $10 or more Merona Apparel Item
  • $3/1 Olay Skin Care Item: Regenerist or Pro-X
  • $2/1 Pretzel M&Ms Baggede Candies 9.9 oz
  • $1/2 Bagged Candy Items – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Kit Kat Bars
  • $1.50/3 Smart Ones Frozen Entrees
  • $1/1 Chef Michael’s Dry Dog Food 1.5 lb or larger
  • $0.50/1 Pizza Hut Express or Target Cafe food or drink item

Just register your cellphone number to get text alerts from Target.   You can use these mobile coupons to get the following deals:

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Action Figures $9.99
Use $5/1 Transformers: Dark of the Moon Action Figure Target Mobile Coupon
PLUS use $5/1 Transformers Dark of the Moon toy purchase of $5.99 or higher
Free after coupons

Olay Regenerist Cleanser or Wipes $5.99
Use $3/1 Olay Skin Care Target Mobile coupon
PLUS $3/1 Olay Regenerist Facial Cleanser from the 10/2 PG insert
Free after coupons

Thanks, Krazy Coupon Lady!


  1. Jenn says:

    I just signed up for the mobile coupons, and at the bottom of the page it says “Target Coupons and Mobile Coupon discount cannot be combined on individual items. ” I think that means you cant get the Transformers for free. :(

  2. boboelchan says:

    I just signed up for the mobile coupons – does anyone know how long it’ll take for me to receive these coupons?

  3. Barbara says:

    I followed the link to sign up for the Target mobile coupons and it doesn’t appear to be working. Am I doing something wrong?

  4. pennyscents says:

    I just signed up for the mobile texts on Target’s website. I got a text already, but it has a link to go to an internet page. I do not have internet on my cell phone. I didn’t see anything about having to have internet on Target’s website, though. Any help is appreciated??? TIA!

    • Mercedes says:


      You can email yourself that link. Print the page that the link goes to. It will have a bar code. Then use that barcode at checkout to get the coupon discount.
      Let me know if that helps,


      • Mercedes says:


        you could also type in the web address in the text into your web browser bar and it should take you to that page. Does that make sense?


  5. pennyscents says:

    Hi Mercedes, I got your reply via e-mail, but when I come here it is not showing yet. How can I e-mail a text message to myself from my cell phone if I don’t have internet on my phone??? Sorry, I am completely cell phone illiterate. I know that I am way behind everyone else!

  6. pennyscents says:

    Okay, I figured it out. I took all the link information & typed it into my search engine & the coupons came up.

    Here is the link:

    I wonder if they would come up for anybody that put the link in the way that I did.


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