New Year Countdown: Favorite Coupons of 2008

Whether 2008 was a good year for coupons I don’t know.  It was my first year using coupons so I don’t have a reference for comparison.  But next year I will.  I actually think that 2009 will be a good year for coupons.  I think a lot of companies will be competing for your business and that will translate into good coupon savings.

These were some of my favorite coupons:

  • $1 off Peter Pan Peanut Butter in January and August.  I got several free jars of PB with this coupon.
  • $2.25 off an Electrasol in January and August.  I am well stocked up on dishwashing detergent.  I read on HCW that there will be a $2.50/1 Electrasol coupon in this weekend’s inserts so if you haven’t had a chance to use this coupons.  You may be able to do so now.
  • $3 off two Huggies Cleanteam wipes in March (or April) and then July.  I stocked up on a lot of these wipes with these coupons  Although I wouldn’t recommend to clean a baby’s bum the clean messy hands very well and now that my oldest is potty trained I can use them for their intended purpose.
  • $5 off three Johnson’s and Johnson’s Target coupon (this summer).  This coupon allowed me to get well stocked in baby wash and q-tips for free or cents.
  • $5 off three Johnson’s and Johnson’s manufacturer coupons.  Overage from this coupon paid for a lot of my groceries this fall.
  • $3 off two Huggies items Target coupon (January).  This coupon allowed me to stock up on baby wipes.  I still have a few more of those tubs and I will probably have left for the next baby.

Those were some of my favorite coupons.  As you can see a lot of them were for baby items and a few of them provided me with free food or overage to pay for it.  What were some of YOUR favorite coupons for this year?  Leave a comment sharing which coupon you liked and which coupon you would like to see again in 2009.

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  • Amber

    Next baby? Are you pregnant or just planning for the next one? 🙂

  • Letty

    I was wondering that too!~

  • I liked the electrasol coupons too. I also liked all the coupons for the johnsons buddies soap. Also liked the $2 off farmland bacon coupons. I ended up with 30 or pounds of bacon for about $.50 a pound. I still have 6 pounds left in my freezer. We do like bacon, but I think I might finally be getting tired of it.

  • no, I am just planning. No baby here yet. My youngest just turned one.


  • Erin

    Every time I see Electrosol it is super expensive $6+. I haven’t seen any mentions of a deal on it on any blogs either. I’ve only been reading blogs/couponing since August this year.

    • HI Erin,
      Both times that the Electrasol coupons came out I have found the 20ct box at my Target for $2.79. I have not checked recently how much the cost is. But I think that after coupon you will be able to get one at Walgreens since there’s a $1.50 rebate on this month’s ESR catalog. Last time Rite Aid had a SCR too, so hopefully they will again.


  • Jennifer

    I’ve only been couponing since August, so my favs are pretty recent. I used the Green Giant Steamers $1.00 coupons to stock my freezer with free veg, and the $1.15 Progresso coupons to get paid to eat my favorite soup. I also got good use from the $1.00 Rayovac coupons and the $1.00 Johnsons Buddies coupons.

  • I loved the Honey Bunches of Oats Chocolate Clusters $2 coupons and the $2 ones for Just Bunches cereal. I got many boxes of these for free and really like the cereal. Many evenings I would have a little dessert bowl of these cereals for my evening snack! 🙂 Also, I got lots of free Johnson’s Buddies soaps…We put some in our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes!

  • Kim

    My favorite was the electrasol coupon too. I’ve been waiting and waiting for another deal to come around. I saw a potential deal on HCW at Walgreens! It was in the 1/4 to 1/10 ad. Electrasol will be on sale for 3.49. Use the 1.50 esq and they will be 1.99. I’ll definitely be stocking up on newspapers this weekend if there’s a coupon in there for 2.50 off!

  • My favs were the $1 off Green Giant Steamers and $1 off any Kotex!

  • My faves (I am hoping some of these come back!):
    Electrosol $2.25 (Walmart price was $2.64. Got 4 for .39¢ each)
    Clif Kids .50¢ off one item (Kroger price was .99¢ each. I get 3 free every week)
    Celestial Seasoning Tea $1 off (Kroger price was $1. Got 5 free boxes)
    Dawn $1 off (CVS had ECB deal for $1 each + Buy 10 get 5 ECB. Got 20 free)
    Herbal Essences Shampoo/Conditioner $5 off 2 (Kroger price $2.50 each. Got 10 free)
    Wacky Mac Pasta .50¢ off (Kroger price $1.39, Tom Thumb price .99¢. Got many free or for .39¢ each)
    Cottonelle .50¢ off (Kroger price earlier this year was $1. Got 30+ packages free)
    Bounty $1 off 1 (Kroger and Walgreens price was $1 on Bounty Basic. Got 30+ packages free)
    Farmland Ham $2 off (Walmart price was $2.68. Got 10 packages for .68¢ each)
    Farmland Bacon $2 off (Walmart price was $2.24. Got 10 packages for .24¢ each)
    Veg-All Frozen Vegetables $1 off (Minyards price was $1. Got 5 free)
    Orville Redenbacher Popcorn .35¢ off (tripled at Kroger during BOGO sale. Got 2 boxes for about .40¢ each MANY times)
    Hershey’s Bliss $2.50 off 2 + 2 Buy Hershey’s Bliss get Reese’s Clusters Free (used together at Kroger during Bliss BOGO I got 4 bags of candy free)
    $2 off any CVS skincare item printable (Using CVS’s broad interpretation of skincare, I got 10 boxes of baby wipes and 10 bottles of babywash free plus $10 ECBs for doing so)
    $2.50 off Wheat Thins (Got 4 boxes free at various stores)
    FREE Kraft Singles, FREE Kraft Salad Dressing, FREE Crystal Light, etc. from All You Magazine (I bought 5 All You Magazines that month!)
    $1 off Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt (Manager’s Special for $1. Got some free. Whole Foods special $1.19, got some for .19¢)
    $1 off Lundberg Natural Rice (SKU Closeout at Kroger for $1.49. Got 4 for .49¢)
    BOGO CoverGirl Makeup eCoupons from Shortcuts + $2 off CoverGirl paper coupons + Free Blush with 2 item Cover Girl purchase (made for some FREE mascara, blush, and eyeshadow at Kroger.)
    BOGO Rimmel Eyeshadow (Walgreens had BOGO Rimmel eyeshadow sale, got 10 free and gave them to friends)

  • MaryCatherine

    Crazy I know but I really like the 2.00 off Glade and the BOGO on the Glade scented oil holders. I linked it to the GC deal and Target and did amazing! I got holders for all the cafe and kitchen workers at the elementary school I teach at for free and used the extra gift card money to buy items for our needy family gift baskets. I loved this deal.

    I also like the $2.00 off Goody Coupon– I used this to buy almost free hair ties for all of the girls in my class!