Note on Robitussin Moneymaker this Week at Walgreens

This is the big moneymaker at Walgreens this week:

Buy 3 Robitussin at $3.99 each
Use 3 $3/1 printable coupon Coupon is now 1/1 (updated 9/11)
Spend $2.97 plus tax out of pocket and get $10 in Register Rewards Back
Free plus approx. $7 in overage after coupon and Register Reward

However, not all types of Robitussin are working. here are the ones reported working and not working:
DM sugar free for diabetics
Robitussin Night Time Cough,Cold and Flu
Robitussin night time & Children’s Dimetapp DM
Children’s Dimetapp (cold & cough and cold & allergy)

NOT working:

Robitussin DM Max
Head and Chest Congestion PE

Thank you HCW

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  • Anonymous

    I did the Robitussin but they were not going to let me use all 3 coupons (I bought 3 bottles) cause the coupon said ‘Limit One coupon oer purchase’ I asked if she would ask a manager and the manager said he would ok this time. just thought I would let you guys know.

  • Mercedes

    Hi Anon,
    Couponers often encounter that argument from cashiers, not only with this coupon but also with any other that has that particular wording. The manufacturer intends that to mean “one per item purchased” but cashiers often read that to me “one per transaction.”

  • Sonia

    I had no trouble with this deal

  • Anne

    Thanks for the tip! I’m headed there after work to shop. Good to know!

  • Justine

    This did not work for me today, and I got one CF and two nighttime… (that was all they had left). I am happy with 3 robitussin for .99 each for sure, but the $10 RR would have been really nice!

  • Helene

    I had no trouble with it either. At CVS though the manager said my other coupon that said one per purchase meant I could only use one per the entire transaction. Happens all the time. Not to mention the cashier told me my internet coupons were copies. Some days I hate trying to save money. :-)I was also refused my Revlon coupon because it had a picture of mascara on it and not the nail polish which wasn’t a cosmetic to her.

  • The Hamstras

    How did you get three of the coupons?

  • Debbie

    It worked for me tonight without a problem. I have also had the “discussion” about the one per purchase. The manager said “it’s only one coupon per purchase” and I said “yeah, and I am purchasing 20 of them”. This went back and forth until the line finally backed up so much they gave it to me. At the time I was buying Huggies wipes with actual coupons, not internet prints.

  • Kim

    I tried this deal and the register would NOT accept my IP coupons. Has anyone else had problems with these internet coupons?

  • Esther

    the cashier and the manager denied me in using 3 coupons for buying 3 Robitussin. But he’s right though, on the coupon itself, it did say one coupon PER TRANSACTION! and my hubby told me just don’t buy it. But when i went home and realized that by using just 1 coupon, i can still make $1 profit!

  • OnlyOnSale

    where is the coupon? i can’t find it..

  • Barb

    I got the “right” ones and only $5 instead of $10 RR’s the first time, and NO RR’s the second time (how weird is that?) And I didn’t use my RR’s for the second transaction, so that doesn’t explain it. I even checked with the manager before checking out to make sure I was getting the right items. (then he said I didn’t get the RR’s because I used coupons)

    At least they didn’t argue with my coupons (except they said I couldn’t use an ES coupon with a mfg coupon.) I think I’m done with Walgreen’s. I don’t want to have to fight every time for the deals.

  • Mercedes

    onlyonsale, I changed the color so you can easily spot the link.

    Did you do all of these transactions back to back in the same register? Just wondering if it may be possible the register was not working. If your Cat doesn’t print but you purchased the right products you can contact the Catalina company and they will ask for your receipt and they will may you your register reward. Their phone number is 1888 coupons

  • Angie

    The website has changed and the coupons are now only $1 off one. Just to let you know . . .

  • Mercedes

    Hi Angie,
    Thank you for the heads up!