Office Depot: Back to School Deals 7/18-7/24

 Office Depot: Back to School Deals 7/18 7/24

There are some HOT back to school deals going on at office Depot this week.  Take this $10 off $25 purchase coupon to turn this into a money maker.

Expo® Fine Point Dry-Erase Markers 4-PK (limit 1)
Free after $5.29 mail in Visa savings card

Purell® Instant Hand Sanitizer Pump, 8 Oz. [450073] $4.99 (limit 5)
Free after mail in rebate

PaperPro® Nano® Mini Stapler, Assorted Colors [346162] $3.99 (limit 1)
Get $3 back via mail in rebate

Post It Removable labels only $0.99 (reg $5.99)
Use $1/1 Removable labels coupon here to get them FREE

Personally I think the Purell deal is awesome!  I wish I had an office depot close to me.  but those of you who do make sure to take advantage of these offers if you need these items.

See more Back to School deals here.


  1. Beth says:

    I’ve never done an Office Depot Rebate. Do you get a check,or is it more like Menards and only valid at Office Depot. I’d love to do the Purell deal, but not if it means I’ll end up with $25 that must be spent at Office Depot.

    • Mercedes says:


      You need to read the form for each of the rebates you are interested in, some you get a visa card and for others is a check. I linked to each form.


      • Beth says:

        I did read the form. All it says is I will receive “Mail-in savings,” but I can’t figure out if this must then be spent in an Office Depot store or not. I’d much rather get a check I can deposit into my bank account. Anybody know how this works? Thanks!

        • Mercedes says:

          I think the only one that is a gift card is the first offer I posted and that’s a visa card. I am assuming it is one you can probably use anywhere. But don’t keep me to that :-)


  2. Priscilla says:

    I just wanted to point out IF people used the $10 off $25 last week, they should NOT use it this week as it says “1 per household/business”

    I’m concerned if people use the coupon more than once, the store will catch on…Office Depot won’t issue these coupons any longer.

  3. Karen says:

    You guys are luck to get all those free things in your ad. We just got the expo markers free after MIR in our ad. I wonder why they are different.

  4. brandy says:

    this office depot coupon is different than the one last week. it started 7/16!

  5. haely says:

    If we didn’t get the free purell and .99 stapler in our ad can we still mail in the rebate?
    (my ad only had the markers like the PP)

  6. Sue says:

    Like pp, I’d also like to know if we can use the mail in rebate for Purell if deal is not in my ad. Also, if I want to use the $10 off $25 coupon and I want to do both Expo and Purell rebates, how can I do that if they are both listed on one receipt? Usually copies of receipts are not accepted? Any ideas?

  7. jen says:

    Not in my ad either, can we get this deal? Stopped at store and they had no idea what I was talking about with purell and stapler rebate.

  8. Sue says:

    I just printed out the rebate form and for the Purell it says you need to send in the original Office Depot sales receipt (OR PHOTOCOPY)….so it looks like I could make a photocopy of my receipt after buying both Purell and Expo in the same order with my 10/off 25 coupon! …sending one offer in with original receipt and photocopy of receipt with other offer. :)

  9. julie says:

    stapler is the only one that says original reciept, so like PP said you should be fine doing one transaction.

    Question..does anyone know if they will deduct the $1 off coupons before the $10 off $25? Or will I still need to be over 25 after the $1 post-it q? Thanks

  10. ann says:

    So this store will accept $1 coupon on a 99cent item?

  11. jen says:

    do you have to mail in 5 separate forms for 5 bottles of purell?

  12. Sue says:

    Jen-no it says on the rebate form it can be up to 5, but all must be on the same register receipt, so you do them together in one mailing. Hope that helps!

  13. Christy O. says:

    My Office Depot wouldn’t take the $1/1 Removable labels coupons. :( I still bought them because it was still a great deal.

  14. eileen says:

    FYI. Office Depot does not accept manufacturer coupons. So the post-it note one is not free. Also read how bad office depot rebates are (rejected left and right). Anyone gotten rebates from them before?

  15. Rita Collins says:

    I have gotten rebates from them before. Some have come timely. Others I have had to call and track down. It was so bad once, I started submitting all of my rebates using certified mail or signature request. Yes, I know that reduces the rebate amount. But, I have submitted some large ones before. I think they have gotten better from what I recall.

  16. Hannah says:

    I was able to use the $1/1 removable labels coupon at my office depot

  17. Julie says:

    I bought 4 purell on one receipt. I filled out 1 mail-in savings form…since it says limit 5 on there. Do I need to fill out 4 seperate forms and put them in one envelope since there is no where on the form to indicate that I bought 4?

  18. cathy says:

    I bought 4 purell and 1 expo markers. the cash register spit out 4 purell rebate forms and marker rebate form. on another blog, person called office depot and said that you have to submit the purell rebate in separate envelopes. I plan to submit 4 purell rebate forms (with xeroxed receipts) and 1 expo marker rebate form (with xeroxed receipt).

  19. Hema Nagarjan says:

    I bought 4 purell on one receipt and one more on a different receipt. I just called the rebate hotline and I was told that it is one receipt per envelope. So I will be submitting 2 rebate forms in my case, one for the 4 purell bottles and another for the last purell bottle.

    Thanks all!

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