Office Depot: Tons of Freebies This Week

This week Office Depot has quite a few freebies available with you Work Life Rewards Card.  Not a member yet? you can join in store or online.  It’s free to do so.  Here are the freebies available (Limit 2 products per member per day)

Office Depot® Green™ Recycled Hanging Folders, 1/5 Cut, Letter Size, Pack Of 25: Green
Smead® 100% Recycled File Folders, 1/3 Cut, Letter Size, Pack Of 100: Manila

Bankers Box® Presto™ Recycled Letter/Legal Storage Boxes, Pack Of 2
Gracious Living Recycled EFR™ Latch-It™ Tote, 61 Quart: Green Marsh, Blue Willow, Red Orchid

Legal Pads
TOPS® Second Nature® 5″ x 8″ Recycled Perforated Writing Pads, Pack Of 6: White
TOPS® Second Nature® 8.5″ x 11.75″ Recycled Perforated Writing Pads, Pack Of 6: White

Writing Instruments
#2 EnviroStik Pencils, Pack of 10
Paper Mate® Write Bros® Recycled Ballpoint Stick Pens, Medium Point, Pack Of 12: Black, Blue, or Red Ink

Foray™ Wirebound Recycled Notebook, 6″ x 9 1/2″, 3 Subjects, College Ruled
Foray™ Wirebound Recycled Notebook, 8 1/2″ x 11″, 5 Subjects, College Ruled

Avery® EcoFriendly 2″ x 4″ White Shipping Labels, Pack Of 1,000

Office Essentials
PaperPro® Eco Desktop Stapler, Assorted Colors
Fiskars® Recycled 8″ Straight Scissors, Black
Office Depot® Brand Recycled White Wove Envelopes, #10, Pack Of 250

Adhesives Notes
Post-it® 3″ x 3″ Recycled Notes, Pastel Colors, Pack Of 12 Pads

Energizer® Rechargeable NiMH AA Batteries, Pack Of 4
Energizer® NiMH Rechargeable AAA Batteries, Pack Of 4

Wilson Jones ® 3 Ring Binder, 1″ Rings, Recycled, Bliss
Wilson Jones® DublLock® Casebound Round 3 Ring Binder, 1″ Rings, Recycled, Kraft

I think I am going to go for the free batteries.  And if I can swing it another day and they are still in stock the storage totes.  What about you?

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  • AreaKode

    Is it only two items per day? The way the fine print is worded, it sounds like two of each item per day. Meaning you can get two packs of batteries and two totes today.

    “Limit 2 of each item per member per day.”

  • jess

    Can you order these products online and receive them for free too?

    • Yes, the offer is available online too.


  • Courtney

    So do you pay for them and then get the credit on you Work Life card for a future purchase?

  • Kristina L.

    I’m a little confused on this deal. Do you just walk into Office Depot and get to pick out two items each day for free with the enrollment????

  • Cricket

    Are there any restrictions on how you can use the reward credit on the Work Life Card? I’m wondering if you can turn around (once the quarter is over) and use the credit to purchase more items that you will earn a reward on. Thanks

    • Melissa

      I’m also curious about this. Can I roll the credit from the last quarter and spend it on other reward-earning items???

      • shannon

        No, products you use your worklife rewards to purchace do not earn worklife rewards.

  • Meghan

    Kristina, it looks like you buy the items and then you get a credit back on your card to use towards another purchase? Check out the link posted by Area Kode and read the paragraph at the bottom.

    • Kristina L.

      Thanks I will.

  • AreaKode

    I think I’m gonna go by the wording on the pdf. A total of two items per day. I don’t want to buy two of every item and then not get reimbursed for most of them.

  • Becky

    If you look at their website the fine print says 2 of each item per member per day. I had questions about that last week too!

  • jen

    I just called OD to double check this b/c I wasn’t sure either and yes, they said it was 2 of each ITEM per member per day. And they said an “item” is determined by the sku/item #. So, you technically could get 2 blue totes and 2 green totes in one day and still get the 100% back in rewards for all 4 items, even though they are all technically called “totes.”

    • Thanks Jen!
      That’s awesome news.


  • Bugmagnt

    To clear up some confusion, I have been a worklife rewards member for a number of years: You will initially have to pay for the items, but then the price purchased will go towards your account for the quarterly rewards. The quarterly rewards are mailed to you on a gift card, which you can use at a later date for anything in store. These rewards will probably not be received until end of May/June, though… (about every 3 months…)

    YOu also can earn additional rewards for turning in used ink cartridges (3 per day, i think), $3 each cartridge.

  • Melissa

    I think saying these items are free is misleading. You have to pay for them and then you get a credit for that amount to use in the store, not CASH. You would use that IN THE STORE and get THOSE ITEMS FOR FREE using the credit. If it makes you feel better to call it free, go for it, but using math, it turns out you’re getting the stuff 50% off. Example: Buy $20 of stuff, get $20 in credit, using credit get $20 worth of stuff. In total you SPENT $20 and got $40 worth of stuff. That’s 50% off, not free.