Office Max: Free Kodak Printer After MaxPerks Rewards

This week you can get not one but TWO free Kodak esp 5250 printers ($129.99 each).  These printers are free after MaxPerks rewards which works sort of like a rebate.  Office MaxPerks rewards you get the entire amount of your purchase in this case in the form of a store credit that expires 90 days after it is issued.  You can use this credit online or in store.  Make sure to read the fine print to understand how MaxPerks rewards work.  One good thing about Max Perks is that you can “roll” them, meaning you can use MaxPerks you got from purchasing an item to buy another product that offers Max Perks.  Maxperks is opened to businesses (small and large) and educators.

Not sure about this printer? Amazon has over 70 user reviews that can help you make up your mind about it.  I just wanted to say that this is the first time that I see a printer being free after store promotion.  I can’t help feeling a bit cynical about it though.  I wonder if printers are going the way of razors: razors are often free after coupon or store promotion  but “they get you” on the razor refills, on in this case the ink cartridges.

UPDATE:  Use coupon code AUTUMN to get 20% off online purchases.  This should help spend less out of pocket for this printer.

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  • dawn

    Just a quick note…I own this printer and LOVE it!!! As for the ink refills, mine lasts me about 4 months even after printing all of the wonderful coupons, and my total cost for both black and color is 27.98 at Wal-mart.

    • Sarah


      Do you know if you can purchase “generic” ink for this printer? I have a Borhter priter at home and can get great deals on generic in on Amazon (sometimes $20 for a 10 pack of ink).

  • Great find! thanks for the info Dawn!

  • About max perks….only for businesses and educators?

  • grace

    are you sure the maxperks rolls? I heard that they are not. I have $90 to spend within next one month. if they roll, it will be great.

    • Grace,

      I have personally rolled maxperks in the past. So unless they changed that very recently yes you can.


  • Maria S.

    I tried to use “AUTUMN” last night and it didn’t work, then I read the exclusions more carefully and it’s not for use on printers.
    I also tried to use the $30.00 off $200.00 that some people have posted on coupon code websites and when it didn’t come up redeemed already, it showed invalid/not recognized. I don’t know if the $30.00 off can be used on printers, one person indicated it couldn’t but I can’t find anything official.

  • Jen

    I tried to roll Maxperks Rewards in July with the free backpack and copy paper after Maxperks Rewards deal. I paid with a combination of Maxperks Rewards, an OfficeMax gift card and cash. I only received Maxperks Rewards for the cash portion of my purchase. When I called customer service they confirmed that Maxperks Rewards cannot be earned when you pay with Maxperks Rewards or Gift Cards!

  • *Amanda

    I used a 12 dollar reward card to pay for the back packs when those were free after MaxPerks. I paid 48 dollars and received 60 in perks. I just checked my account now. I dont know why it would work for some but not others.

  • FYI, this is now showing order status of “discontinued” — I wasn’t able to add one to my cart. They must have sold out.

    Staples has the same printer for around $50 after an instant savings and a rebate.

  • Yep, looks like it’s a dead deal now.