Office Max and Staples: Teacher Appreciation Days


This past Thursday I participated in a Webcast offered by Office Max and was stunned to learn that teachers spend an average $1,200 OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKET buying back to school supplies for their classroom.  Do you ever struggle wondering what to get your child’s teacher for a present?  Always think school supplies or gift cards to school supplies stores.

To help teachers with these expenses both Staples and Office Max are offering Teacher Appreciation days:

Office Max is offering teachers a free tote bag and 15% off everything you can fit in that tote on Aug 9th.  You’ll need to show your teacher id to take advantage of this offer.

To find out when Staples is offering a Teacher Appreciation Day, just enter your state and city in this page.

I will share more on what I learned on this webcast at a later date because there were some very good tips from Peter Walsh, organization expert.

Thanks Frugal Adventures!

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  • Amen to that! I don’t spend quite that much thanks to a great PTO and my frugal shopping skills, but it ads up quickly. This year I will have 26 or 27 students.

  • Kristin

    Thanks for making people aware of this. I don’t spend that much every year, but have in the past. All those fun things we do in our elementary classrooms are usually paid for out of the teacher’s pockets…parent Christmas presents, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day gifts, etc.

  • Debbie

    I think $1200 is a conservative estimate. My sister-in-law has been teaching elementary school for about 14 years and every year she spends so much on her students. Many come from very low income homes or their parents don’t speak English, so she just feels lucky that they’re in class. We’re always on the lookout for deals she can take advantage of.

  • I had no idea teachers spent so much of their own money until I became one! This year it may be especially true since many schools have a smaller budget due to the economy and can pay for even fewer classroom items. Send in the gift cards! (GCs to Walmart and Target are good, too, for non-school supply items like special snacks for students, classroom pet food, etc.).