Official: Doritos Coupon is Fake

I have received so many emails asking about this coupon, even after I shared my thoughts about it with you, that I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this. Frito Lay has officially come out with an answer to the question: Is this coupon valid or not?  The answer is that it is not valid.  Read more about this here.

Thanks Southern Savers!

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  • Jessica

    This coupon is a pdf that usually comes with two others, free pepsi, and free yogurt. They have a copy of it hanging behind the cashier at our military commisary. I asked the cashier if someone had actually tried to use it, and she laughed and said some lady had printed off a ton of them, and pulled up with a cartful of doritos and pepsi. They called the Military Police, and she was arrested for fraud. She would have lost all her military priviledges, and I’m sure her husband is in huge trouble, probably ruined his career.

  • JanetTr.

    Yikes! Even if it was real….why would she be so greedy?!! That is abusing the coupon system and gives the rest of us a bad name…I say this b/c I see some couponers crossing into hoarding! Just b/c it is free and you CAN get 10 of the same item doesn’t mean you should! Plus, it doesn’t allow others to get in on the deal when one cleans the shelf haha! I am all for free and stock piling but I only get what I need within reason. This was off topic, but I hate to see some give the rest of us a bad name! Back on track here…

  • ally

    agreed.. why do people have to hoard all the deals.. save some for the rest of us! LOL.. Seriously this is why couponers get a bad name.. fake coupons.. seriously i will give them a bag of Doritos myself if they need them THAT bad to create fake coupons.. UGH!

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    Often they are for free products. I NEVER use a printable for free unless it came to me directly from a vendor. The cashiers get to know you and know they can depend on you being “safe” to them without question.

  • JoAnn

    You know the old saying : “If it seems too good to be true, then it usually is” that’s my philosophy on internet coupons. Especially if it’s a PDF that can be printed multiple times and has the same code on it. That is almost certainly fake. I feel more comfortable with the coupons that have separate “pin” numbers on them. And those are usually bricks coupons which can only be printed twice (or only once when my printer throws fits! lol)

  • Bonnie

    Here is a place you can look up coupons to find out if they are counterfeited…in fact, I think the above coupon was listed on there a while back.

    Really a good tool to decifer whether or not the .pdf coupons are for real. A grocery store manager gave me this info when he thought I had a listed coupon, but I didn’t. He told me that many stores use this a tool to catch people and many cashiers in my area even have a copy of the counterfeit coupons posted at the registers.