Ohuhu 18V 5W Solar Car Battery Maintainer and Charger Only $14.99!


Amazon has the Ohuhu 18V 5W Solar Car Battery Maintainer and Charger for $27.99 right now. Use the code C9A6EMBP at checkout, though, and the price drops to only $14.99!

  • 5-WATT ENERGY: With an output current of 400mAh,the 12-volt batteries charge and create 5 watts of energy to maintain your car battery
  • WEATHERPROOF SILICONE PANEL: Mono-crystalline silicon panel is weatherproof and splash proof for added durability and enhanced sight exposureunl
  • BUILT-IN PROTECTION: blocking diode can prevent reverse discharge and electrocution
  • DURABLE CLIPS: Built with thickened clip lines for increased durability as compared to thin clip lines regularly sold
  • EASY TO USE: Works with automobile, motorcycle, tractor, boat batteries and more.Lightweight makes it portable and suction cups makes it easy to place onto the front screen of vehicles

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