Olay Luscious Holiday Gift Packs for $10 Shipped

olay gift packs 300x259 Olay Luscious Holiday Gift Packs  for $10 Shipped

This Olay Luscious Holiday Gift packs are in stock again at Walmart.com. The gift set includes a one-year subscription ($23 value) to Allure magazine or any one of five other publications but you could instead request a cash refund for the value of the subscription ($12). These ship free.

This gift set includes Olay Collections Luscious Embrace Hand and Body Lotion, Luscious Embrace Body Wash and Luscious Embrace Massaging Bar Soap, along with a trial-size Secret Scent Expressions Lavender Body Spray and a bath puff. Plus, as an added bonus, the gift set includes a coupon book and a one-year subscription ($23 value) to Allure magazine or any one of five other publications.

Limit of one refund/subscription per household.


  1. Shelly says:

    Just to clarify (and make sure that I’m reading this right), spend $10 on the giftsets, and then request a $12 request a cash refund that you’ll get back later for the subscription and it essentially becomes free?

    • caryn says:

      I don’t understand how to request a refund for the subscription

      • noemi says:

        Caryn, there is a form/ coupon booklet inside the box.
        You have to go to the site and print the last form to request for a refund and submit together with the code for the refund and your copy of purchase.

  2. CharleneB says:

    I received my refund for the previous Olay offer with the bath caddy. Since its limit one refund, does anyone know if this refund offer is seperate from the other?

  3. leslie says:

    The code that came with my gift set says “$9 Value”. Still a great deal to get for $1, but not quite a money-maker. :)

  4. Pennyscents says:

    The coupon that is inside the box says $9.00 value, but the rebate form says $12.00 value.

    I submitted mine after purchasing this. I sent in the rebate form only to get a letter back saying that, “my refund was denied because one or more of the 3 required documents is missing.”

    The rebate specifically asks for:
    1) rebate form filled out with name & address
    2) receipt from purchase
    3) coupon from inside the package

    Everything that I sent into them is still attached to the letter. Here is what I sent:
    1) I attached an address label complete with my name & address (still attached)
    2) I stapled my printed out receipt from walmart.com (I am thinking that they did not realize that it was a receipt, because it is printed. Well, that is the only type of receipt you get when you purchase something online. Duh!)
    3) I stapled the coupon from inside the box to the rebate form

    I called the # on the rebate form, and the person that I spoke with had no idea what I was talking about. He took down all of my info & said that I would receive a letter (?and possibly the check, I guess?) in the mail after they review the info that I gave them.


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