Olay Rebate Problems?

I have been reading your comments and it seems a few of you have had problems with your Olay Rebate submission.  It seems you have been told you did not purchase the right items.  I got an email from Karen yesterday sharing what a customer service rep told her:

I originally bought the three body washes at target back in mid-Feb when they were doing the unadvertised $5 GC deal. I got my original rebate form and receipt back in the mail today saying that “Your request did not include the correct UPC(s) required for this promotion.  Only the UPC symbols from the products listed in the offer requirements are acceptable.” Not quite sure why they weren’t accepted since the rebate says “any”, I called the customer service number on the rebate form, she said that they were having a lot of problems with that rebate and just to resubmit everything (not to fill out a new form) with the letter I was sent and it should go through.

Has anybody else received a rejection letter already?  If you get a rejection letter from this rebate call 1-866-789-3078.

  • Kathy

    No, I did this deal and got my rebate check, no problem!

  • Tracy

    I recieved the same reject letter. I called and spoke to a rep that gave me another address to send the rebate slip and reject letter to.

    Attn: Special Handling
    Dept. 192-071
    P O Box 72699
    Rockford, MN 55572

    He said that because the UPC symbols were not on the list of “accepted” UPC symbols, there was nothing that he could do.

  • Danielle

    Could it be because the bottles purchased were part of a bonus pack which included a sample? I believe there were 2 different UPCs. One on the bottle itslef and another on the packaging included with the sample.

  • Jan

    I purchased the bonus pack and received my rebate with no problem.

  • http://confessionsofathriftymama.blogspot.com/ Rei

    Yes, I had this exact issue! Call 18002855170…the CS rep was very helpful and issued the rebate check while we were on the phone (no need to resend the form!). I got the rebate check in the mail today (just 3 days after I called them)!

    I purchased the new olay triple effects body wash (8.4 oz?)…she said since it’s new, the upc code probably wasn’t posted on their master list.

  • http://www.abczoohome.com Amanda

    I’m happy to report that I got my check without any issue.

  • Teresa S

    I got the same letter a week ago, but have not had time yet to look into it. I will be giving them a call.

  • Michelle

    I just called and was told to re-submit everything and I would get my check. Too bad she just didn’t issue the check it right then and there, that would have been nice since they’ve created quite a hassle with this rebate for some of us.

  • http://confessionsofathriftymama.blogspot.com/ Rei

    Did you call 18002855170? It’s different from the # found on the rebate form. That number goes directly to the Olay CS dept and not the rebate center, so I guess they have the authority to authorize and issue a check asap!

  • Trista

    I actually e-mailed and didn’t hear anything for a few days so I called. The lady I talked to was very nice and said just to resubmit. Then later in the day, I received an e-mail back saying they were sorry and that they would take care of it and I didn’t have to resubmit anything. So maybe e-mailing is the way to go??? Just go to the “Contact Us” on their website and fill out the form. It worked well for me!

    Good luck!

  • Queen

    I got my rebate without a problem, buying the bonus pack body washes at Target (using the free coupons)

  • mary

    I had trouble with the $15 rebate (is this the one people are talking about?). I called the number on my rejection letter. He said just to resubmit everything. I also asked if they could just issue on spot since I would have to use another stamp, but they said no. They gave me a Attn: Special Handling address too, but in El Paso Tx. I guess I won’t complain too much, I will still be making $2 off it!

  • Tracy K.

    I had the exact same problem with the original Olay Quench rebate. I had bought large bottles of quench with a free sample of body wash attached. I sent in the UPC for the combo pack. It was rejected. I resubmitted with the UPC directly from the bottle and promptly received my check. I had also bought some combo packs for a $20 rebate on moisturizers back in December. Never a problem with those and received my check without question. Very Strange!!

  • qudz104

    i bought these same bonus packs in target, and i got my check today… so excited lol

  • Mary

    I had a problem, too. I got mine back in the mail yesterday. Strange, given that the rebate form itself says “any.” I actually bought one body wash and two soap packs; two of the UPCs were accepted, but one was circled as not part of the rebate.

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  • Rosario

    I wrote an email to their main office and received and email saying that they were going to send me the $15 check in 2 to 3 weeks. That was after I returned rebate form with the same info, what is the definition of “ANY”? I have a suspicion that I will be receiving two rebate checks.

  • Jean

    I got the same letter and called the number that Rei provided 18002855170. The woman was so nice and processed my check. She told me not to send in the paperwork. I should be all set. Thank you.

  • marcia

    I received the same rejection letter as well. I had purchased the Olay Botanical Fusion Body Wash at Dollar General for $2.50 each (less three $1.00 coupons, of course), so this was going to be a big money maker for me. I called Olay and the rep. was extremely helpful, and apologized for the fact that the offer was “so broad”. She said that she would send a check from there, and I should receive it in 2-3 weeks. I did not have to resubmit the rebate.

  • http://www.whosaidnothinginlifeisfree.com Amy

    I read this post this morning and then checked my mail today and got my rejected olay rebate UGH


  • http://ifartfairydust.blogspot.com/ fairy dust

    Sounds like others are at least having better luck than I did. Apparently there’s ONE ribbon BW that is not in their system as valid. It’s the green Radiance Ribbons and that’s one of the three I bought. I called the rebate phone number and was told “sorry” nothing she could do, nothing I could do, no re-submit or anything even though the rebate form shows no exclusions at all. Funny what “ANY” means. So pissed.


  • Lacey

    I have never had any issues on any of the many Olay rebates we have had over the past several months. It is like there is a weird glitch somewhere that only pops up for some, but not others who even bought the same items. I do love all of these wonderful Olay rebates. It has made me go purchase them (which is their point for us to try them), and I have even switched over on some of them. I love the Quench, and would have never tried it otherwise. I am happy with just plain ol’ baby lotion. Way to go Olay and P&G…keepim’ coming our way! : )

  • k. goins

    I had a problem with Olay with the buy up to 2 lotions and get a rebate. They sent a reject letter stating I didn’t have the right upc codes. I was so mad that I just tore up the letter and threw it away. I have sent receipts and upc codes to other companies with no problem. Now I’m leery about sending for the new Olay lotion rebate. It seems they may not want to pay for all the rebates that came in.

  • Bill

    Got my rebate check in the mail today. I submitted using the olay bonus packs (the ones with little lotions attached) from the target gift card deal.

  • http://couponing4charity.blogspot.com Chris

    I got my rebate check today. I got mine (Ribbons) at Dollar General.

  • Kate P.

    I just read this and than opened my mail to find the rebate returned. I called the 1-866 number. I had purchased 3 Olay Body Botanical Fusion Body Washes. I was directed to resend my rebate and information to the address previously noted:
    OLAY $15 Rebate Offfer
    ATTN. Special Handling
    P.O. Box 72644
    Rockford, MN 55572

  • http://meangreenmommy.wordpress.com Laura

    I got my $15 check yesterday… I bought the large Quench body washes w/ bonus packs from Target. Maybe they’ve sorted everything out.

  • http://imsimplysarah.blogspot.com Simply Sarah

    I got my rebate today! I blogged about it today too!


  • Celmarie

    Got my rebate bought my body wash at target.

  • Jessica

    Thanks so much for posting this! I just received my “rejection letter” today. I will definitely resubmit.

  • http://www.mycouponlady.com Lessie Purpera

    I just sent back my stuff today, along with a letter and pictures of my product and their UPC codes. :-) I wasn’t leaving anything to chance. That is so frustrating…but seriously, I have to say that I am glad it wasn’t just me.

  • http://informative1.blogspot.com/ Winnie

    I called the number on the rebate form (I always make copies of EVERYTHING) and the guy put me on hold, got back on and gave me a UPC code and told me to resubmit everything with the UPC code that he had given me. I was rejected due to ‘incorrect UPC’ codes. I told him that it says “ANY” Olay body wash, lotions, etc.
    I mailed it off a few days ago, let’s see what happens… :-)

  • Mey

    I saw this post yesterday and was a little worried. But I went to my mail box and was excited to find 4 rebate checks (1 Olay and 3 Johnson & Johnson). I ended up with $30.00 and about a 24.00 profit.

  • Wendy

    I got the same letter…
    I also bought 3 body wash (Ribbons) – It was the Green Ribbons that was refused on mine. I called the customer service # & they told me to re-submit. It looks like they are going to be swamped with re-submitions. You’re lucky if you got it taken care of over the phone.

  • Kate

    I get that it’s their problem, but complaining about a 44 cent stamp when you are making money off the deal seems a bit ridiculous.

  • Donna

    Ditto Kate… can’t believe there are people here complaining about a stamp or asking to get re-imbursed for a stamp. Take it easy…it’s a rebate, they made a mistake but seem perfectly willing to correct it. Relax and enjoy your savings!

  • ashley

    I also got the reject letter but the body wash they were rejecting from my rebate was the total effects anti aging which is funny since it is pictured on the rebate form?!?! Now I think its because this is a new product. I was given a different address to return it to so I am not sure what I should do there. Thanks for all the comments, its helpful to sort this all out.

  • http://www.thetexasdealdiva.blogspot.com Tonya S

    I received my rebate yesterday without any problems.

  • Christine

    I got my check last week :)

  • jeness

    Thank you for posting this CS number. I called the # on the rebate first and couldn’t get anywhere with the rep though she was nice. I called the number you posted and my check is in the mail. Thank you!

  • Renee

    I got my rejection letter yesterday. I purchased the “Total Effects” body wash. Just called the customer service number and they are mailing my check. Thanks for the heads up on this.

  • Marie

    I called the 18002855170, the lady was very helpful and after 3 minutes on the phone, I got issued a check right away. No problems, and I didn’t have to resubmit anything.

  • Slammin

    Was told we MUST resubmit when I called the number that people are saying works for gettign the check issued. The two people I spoke with and very sarcastic and tried to turn the tables on me that it was our problem and that if I dont resubmit, I dont get the rebate (even though I let them know that others called this same number and were getting checks)… they denied that ever happened but I know it’s true as my friend had already called the same number. I emailed olay direct and told them about my experience with this .. I’ll post back the result.

  • Sara

    I called the 800 number on Thursday and received my check today. I spoke with a woman named Robin and she was very helpful and polite.

  • Blazinfire69

    Got my form back in the mail this morning I called the number that Rei left and they said I should get my check in 2-3 weeks, I don’t have to resubmit anything, & since I have my reciept I can submit fir the P&g rebate with it

    • Amy

      ohh..thanks for the great idea of using the reciept for the p&g rebate!

  • Pam

    Use the second number posted on the notes above – 1-800-285-5170. They are handling this over the phone without the need for resubmission. The first number listed above wants you to resubmit. Why pay for a stamp when you don’t have to?

  • Tammy

    Called the 1 800 285 5170 spoke to Helenia she took all information and said I should receive the rebate in 2-3 weeks no need to resubmit that they realize they had issues with the upc numbers. Very nice and extremely helpful.

  • Christy

    Called the 1 800 285 5170 and after several minutes on hold the lady I talked to told me to re-submit again. I think I’ll call back later and see if I can get a different person who’ll take care of it without having to re-submit.

  • MHA

    I called the 1-800-285-5170 number twice today and was told both times (Jamie, Brittany) that I would need to resubmit.

  • erika

    I spoke to a Brittany on Monday and recieved my check on Friday, without having to resubmit, i have a feeling though people are probably abusing this, someone can call and just say they bought such & such items without having to provide proof

  • Audrey

    I have just received my rejected rebate for the 2nd time, so I called AGAIN and asked why I have to submit for a 3rd time, I even had a case # from the last time, it states ANY on the rebate form. Soo, this time she says I have all your info, I’ll send it to “someone” and maybe I won’t have to re-submit…Hold tight

  • Fran

    I too submitted an Oil of Olay rebate form for $20 and was denied due to “UPC symbols” not included in offer. I had purchased a product packed with a promo shrink wrapped onto the main product. I resubmitted the claim to “Special Handling” back on 5/10/10 and have not heard a word. I plan to call the 800-285-5170 number provided in other posts to raise my concern. It’s not the consumer’s fault that the rebate centers are provided incomplete lists of qualifying UPC codes. It’s quite annoying and time consuming to resolve!