New Olay Rebate + Target Deal = $10 Moneymaker deal

Great news! There’s a new Oil of Olay rebate available. Get $15 back via mail in rebate when you buy three Olay Facial Moisturizers, Facial Treatments, Facial Cleansers, Hand & Body Lotions, Body Washes, or 6+ Bar Soap Packs.” The offer is valid 2/12/10 – 3/12/10, must be postmarked by 3/26/10.

If you remember, there is an unadvertised gift card deal on Olay Body Wash: Buy three of the Total Effects Body Wash at $5.49 or the Bonus Packs of Quench or Ribbons also $5.49 and get a $5 gift card. Combine this gift card offer with the gift card offer on the Venus razors for the following deal:

Buy three Venus Razors razors= $20.97
Buy Three Olay body wash at $5.49 = $16.47
Subtotal $37.44
-$6 when you use three $2 off one Venus coupons from 2/7 P&G insert
-$16.47 when you use three FREE Body Wash when you buy a razor coupons from 2/7 P&G insert
Pay $14.97 plus tax out of pocket and earn back a $5 gift card for the razors and $5 gift card from the body wash PLUS submit for this new Olay rebate and get back $15 via mail in rebate! That’s a $10.02 moneymaker!

Since this is an unadvertised deal at Target, make sure to scan the items using the price scanners throughout the store to verify your store has this gift card promotion available.  Thanks Maven of Savin’ !  She also has a scenario for Rite aid that gets you the products for free plus $14 moneymaker.

  • Molly

    Is the gift card deals only good for this week? I am short 2 coupons, so I want to make sure that if I trade for them that I will still be able to get the deal. Thanks!

    • Mercedes

      the razor deal is good this week only. the olay bodywash lasts a bit longer.


  • Jess

    I made a boo-boo and got the Ribbons body wash that weren’t the bonus ones. Didn’t discover until after purchased the endcaps where they were displayed (unlabeled) in a remote part of the store where I normally don’t venture. I would have swapped them out, but I hated the store I was in (Manchester, CT = terrible customer service), so I’ll try in my favorite store tomorrow after work. They’ve been very good to me. And even if for whatever reasons I can’t swap, then all is still well because of the rebate (man I love Olay rebates!)

  • alyssa

    Now if only they would print a duplicate receipt so that I could submit to the “Go for the Gold” $10 visa rebate as well…

  • Jenny from Mommin’ It Up

    Yay! I am so excited! I couldn’t find the body washes that were on the gift card deal, but I bought three anyways since they were free, and I bought 4 Venus and got $10 in gift cards…and now a rebate!!?? This is awesome!!

  • Sunny

    I did the deal Monday.. too early for this. I’ll just have to cook up another idea.. 😉 Thanks!

  • Kelly Snyder

    Also – keep your receipts. The P&G Buy $50, Get $100 rebate form is up and running and the dates are retroactive from February 1.

    • Amberly

      Is it $100 rebate? Or in coupons!?!?!?!

    • Emma

      Can you please tell me how you can submit that receipt for both the $100 coupons AND the Olay rebate?

  • Mel

    Its only a 10.02 money maker, not a $15 one. My target only took off $3.64 for each of the 3 olay soaps free coupons. But still a great deatl!!!!

  • Holly

    Worked like a charm! Thanks so much, Mercedes!

    • Mercedes

      You are awesome Holly! You already did it? I am looking for coupons to do it. I just read on totallytarget that the GC deal on the razors will be back next week.


  • Laura

    This worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!!! I love getting paid to shop!

  • Paula

    After reading this post, I put the kids to bed and headed off to Target! I found the items in stock, which was surprising. The cashier gave me a hard time about the BOGO coupon not being for the right kind of body wash (even though it says Olay Body Wash…not what size or brand on the coupon). I had to take it up to customer service and she tried to give me the same song and dance but then said she’d “give” it to me this time. To me, it seems like it should be the manufacturer’s problem and not Target’s if it doesn’t specify the particular item better. By the way, I was in Venice, FL. This past month, they seemed to be pickier at my Target than before when it comes to coupons. I hate being treated like I’m stealing or something! I spend a LOT of money there and they shouldn’t be complaining. I am playing fair!

    Thanks for pointing out this great deal! I love your blog!

  • traci smith

    i live in a remote area an all i have around to shop is wal mart, but i did have 2 coupons for the venus razors, and 2 for free body wash, so i got them, mean they were free after all!! but my question is, since the body washes were free can they still be applied to this rebate? i am new to this so i just dont know, any help is appriciated , thank you

    • Mercedes

      Hi Traci,
      they should, I have done P&G rebates and coupons have never mattered and in this case the rebate asks that you buy a certain # of items not that you spend a certain $$ of money.


  • gift cards – terry

    $10 is still money saved, though I don’t need 3 razor or body wash at the same time. I would think to buy this but and stack it or resell on or two of the items.

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  • Jen

    I tried to do this yesterday and my target didn’t let me use my $2.00 Venus coupons plus I didn’t get a $5.00 for buying the ribbons body wash. Oh well it was still a great deal.

  • Mey

    I’m new to this and did this deal at Walgreen’s instead. I did the razor and olay body wash in three different transaction. Can I still summit them in for the rebate with 3 different receipts? And I bought the Olay quench. Does that qualify for the rebate? If not, I still have 2 more of each coupons. Should I purchase two of them in one purchase this time? Thanx

    • Miranda

      “Can I still summit them in for the rebate with 3 different receipts?”
      Yes, just include all 3 receipts.

      “And I bought the Olay quench. Does that qualify for the rebate?”
      Yes, both the Olay Quench body lotions and the Olay body washes are eligible for the rebate. You can only apply once for this particular rebate, though, so just pick three eligible Olay products (these are listed in the rebate form) and use those.

  • Miranda

    Does anybody know if this deal rolls? That is, can I buy the 3 Venus razors and 3 Olay body washes for $14.97 and receive the $5 GC from the razors and the $5 GC from the body washes, and then use those two gift cards to buy 3 more Venus razors and Olay body washes for $4.97 OOP and receive two more $5 GCs?

    • Jessica

      Yes that will work.

      • Miranda

        Thank you for the info!

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  • Jenny @

    Target will allow you to get more than one gift card for the same promotion in the same transaction so there is actually a slightly better scenario you can do since you can mix and match venus and fusion razors.
    Buy 3 venus razors @ 6.99 each
    Buy 1 fusion razor @ 6.99 each
    Buy 3 body wash at $5.50 each
    Use 3 $2/1 venus coupons from the 2/7 PG
    Use 1 $4/1 fusion coupon from the 2/7 PG
    Use 3 free olay body wash wyb Venus razor from the 2/7 PG
    Pay $17.96 and get back $15 in gift cards (one for the body wash, and 2 for the razors)
    Then submit for the $15 rebate
    Final Price: $12.04 money maker after gift cards and rebates!

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  • Zoua

    I went to Target last night and price scanned the Venus razors (they are the ones with 2 cartridges right?) and they came up as 8.99. That is what the price sticker said as well. When scanned there was no indication that it was eligible for the $5 GC. Should I just buy them and when at the register tell them that in the weekly ad it shows the gc promotion at the $6.99 price?

  • pennyscents

    The Target is Men. Falls does have the unadvertised Oil of Olay body wash $5.00 gift card wyb 3. The body wash that are included in this are the gold bottle, anti aging ones like the one shown in the picture above. It is the smaller bottles ($5.50). The bigger bottles did not show the gift card deal when I scanned those.

  • Mercedes V.

    I went to Target last night and decided not to make the purchase even though I had all the coupons. The Venus razors were scanning at $9.44. There were also some in some simple packaging scanning at $4.99.
    How can I tell if there is a GC promotion?
    all that showed when I tried scanning is a long number + price.

  • Michelle

    You may have to scan more than one of the venus razors to find the ones that qualify. At my store (Oshkosh) I took several to the scanner and only the Venus Spa Breeze showed the gift card prompt. Also all of the Olay that qualified for the GC were on an end cap not in the regular aisles. Hope that helps someone.

  • Kim

    I’m in metro Atlanta and finally found a Target that had everything in stock and had the gift card promo, but they would not let me combine the gc promo with the buy venus razor coupon get body wash free. They said that I have to purchase the body wash in order to get the gc and since I was getting the wash free it wasn’t considered a purchase. I had to either pay for the wash and get the gift card or use the coupon and not get the gift card. and even though the cashier had an override button on the screen she would not do it. bummer!

    • Mercedes

      Kim, That’s ridiculous! Coupons are a form of tender “or payment.” You are buying it.


  • Laura

    My store had the larger-sized Olay Quench body washes on sale with the gift card promo instead of the Olay Total Effects body washes. I scanned them both just to make sure. Hooray! Same price, but twice the body wash!

    However, there was some confusion with the Venus razor deal… the circular says you get a $5 gift card wyb (2) Venus Breeze razors, but the shelf tag read $5 gift wyb (2) Venus Embrace razors. Only the Venus Breeze razors scanned and showed the $5 deal, but my $2 coupon is for Embrace or Spa Breeze only. Ugh! I didn’t have time to mess with Guest Services tonight, so I plan to go back tomorrow and see if they will honor the shelf tag.

  • Lynette

    The target I shopped at was very happy to print a duplicate reciept for me–now I can submit it for the Olay rebate and the coupon book one!! It doesn’t hurt to ask!

  • tammy

    I had a problem at my target last night trying to purchase the deal that thrifty jenny suggested.

    My proposed transaction:
    3 Venus Razors (not sure of the type)
    1 Fusion Razor
    3 olay body washes

    I gave the cashier
    3 2.00/1 venus
    1 4.00/1 fusion
    3 free olay wyb venus

    Only the olay deal prompted a giftcard. When she was asked to put in the amount for free body wash the register beeped (which I assume it beeped to ask her for the price of the body wash). She then told me that because I was getting a gift card, the register wouldn’t allow her to use the free coupons! Ugh! It was really busy and I asked to talk to the manager. She went to customer service, talked to the manager for a few seconds, and then came back and said, “yeah plus your coupon says one per purchase so you can only use one of these coupons.” I didn’t want to cause a seen so I just told her to void my order.

    My question is this: When I am using the 2.00 venus coupon, as well as the free olay coupon, is there a certain order I should hand over these coupons? Also is there a way to solve this problem in store if customer service refuses to honor my coupons while I’m still in the store? Thank you :)

    • KimH

      Somewhere 2 weeks ago, someone said to always hand over the (B1G1)FREE coupons at Target first.

      I did 2 razor/olay transactions before this current rebate and both times the cashier hesitated when they saw the $2.00 off coupons but I told her that the free Coupons were for the Olay and the $2.00 coupons were for the razors, so there was one for each one and both times they went ahead and used them but my store has almost always been awesome for couponing.

      I had 10 sets of coupons so the first time I went I got 6 Venus and 6 Olay Ribbons and 4 Fusion razors.. I got 5 $5.00 gift cards for the razors & 2 for the Olay.. I spent $45.21 total (had a few other things) and got $35.00 in Gift cards.. for a total of $10.21..
      Then the next day I went back & got 4 more Venus Razors & 4 more Olay.. and payed with my gift cards ($23 something) and got 3 more.

      All in all I got 10 Venus razors, 10 Olay body washes & 4 Fusion razors for $45.21 out of pocket & still have $26 something in gift cards for an end total of roughly $20 total.

      Too bad I didnt wait 2 days to do those deals.. You win some, you lose some! 😉

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  • PJ

    I found an even better deal for the Oil of Olay Rebate. Dollar General has some of the Oil of Olay Body Wash on clearance. Specifically, it is the Oily of Olay Botanical body wash. There are 3 varieties. The “Hydrate” and the “Restore” varieties are 25% off so an 8 oz bottle is $1.87. With the $1 coupon in RP 2/14 that makes it $.87 each. The even better deal is on the “Vitality” variety. This one is 50% off so it will ring up at $1.25 and with the $1 coupon, that makes it $.25…in my case $.35 with tax. What a deal! The rebate does not exclude any of the Olay body washes so this should qualify for the rebate. Talk about a money maker and it was a whiz of a transaction to boot! I’m totally thrilled. I’m telling you…check this out…I went to several Dollar General’s to buy up a stash and they don’t have it clearly marked (they only have the 25% of sign up). One of the cashiers mentioned that they didn’t even know that one was 50% off.

  • CJ

    Thanks for the Dollar General tip! I went today and got one Hydrate for $1.87 and one Vitality for $1.25. I used 2 $1 coupons and had already gotten one other Olay BW at Wags for free using a coupon. So I’ll make $13.88 profit on my 3 BWs!!!



    • Mercedes

      Hi melissa,

      The rebate is still good and I think the bodywash gift card deal is still going on. But the gift card deal on the razors is no longer available. I will update this deal tomorrow because there’s a new “version”


  • Jen

    Has anyone who did the dollar general deal received a rebate check? I also did the deal and purchased 3 body washes but got a letter back stating, “Your request did not include the correct UPC (s) required for this promotion. Only the UPC symbols from the products listed in the offer requirements are acceptable”. I reviewed my form and they were the correct UPCs for the 3 body washes. I’m sending them a letter back b/c according to thier written requirements it does state ANY 3 body washes, and I am in compliance with that requirement.

  • Jen

    If anyone else has troubles with their rebate b/c of purchase of Botanical Fusion Body Washes, call the number on the rebate form and they can give you the corrected UPC codes. It appears that the last 6 digits were incorrect on the product.

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  • free gift cards – John

    It is a pity that not true already, and I did not know about this information earlier.
    Target very often likes to hold some shares.

  • veronica

    Is this still works today?