Old Navy Mystery Bag Event

Here is a fun promotion taking place at Old Navy Stores tomorrow 7/9.  Stop by your local Old Navy and for $20 you will get a mystery bag with up to 8 apparel items inside it.  Since it is a mystery you do not know what the items are but it looks like they will be sorted by clothing size at least.  Children’s mystery bags will have 8 items and adult mystery bags will have five items.  That makes each item as low as $2.50 each.  This could be a great time to use the Old Navy groupon if you still have it.

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  • chami

    do we need to buy $20 worth of stuffs to get $20 old navy bags??

  • Brittani

    I called my store and they said that I could NOT use my groupon 🙁

  • Heather

    From what I’ve read on another blog, you can’t use your groupon for this. Also, the bags will be filled with clearance items, so it may be stuff that won’t sell which may mean its not worth it.