One Day You Are In, Next Day You Are Out ~ Heidi Klum

I thought it was time for a garden update. This past weekend I took out the broccoli plants. There were two rows of them. I replaced one row with green beans and another with sugar snap peas. I am already using my own garden grown onions in my cooking. I already have a couple of peppers and some green tomatoes.
I can’t believe my husband wanted us to have a bigger garden. I am going to have more vegetables than I can handle. I am trying to find a way to trade my surplus for something I may need. If not, friends and neighbors will start getting baskets of tomatoes and zucchini.

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  • L@SpillingBuckets

    Why did you decide to get rid of the broccoli?

    We are thinking about it too – they haven’t started to sprout yet and are getting scraggly looking.

  • Frugal Finds – check this out. It is a great way to get rid of extra zucchini!!
    We also love the chocolate zucchini bread. It is to die for! Great way to sneak a veggie into a kid! Mine know it is there and do not even care.
    By the end of August, we add tomatoes to everything we cook in theis house! LOL It gets commical after a while. We also sell a lot! Of course we eat a lot of fresh tomato salad and salsa.

  • Mercedes

    Hi Spilling buckets!
    sorry I wasn’t clear. I already harvested all of my broccoli. I think it was about 10 heads. A couple went bad because of my trip at the beginning of the month.

  • Mercedes

    Hi Carol,
    Thanks for the tip. I hope my husband doesn’t read this but I am going to follow what they suggest.

  • Anonymous

    yeah right 🙂

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