One Stop Plus: Lots of Inexpensive Gifts after Code + Free Shipping

There is a $5 off $5 code currently available for Chadwicks and One Stop Plus:  CHNEG5.  There are a quite a few finds with this code.  Another good thing is that you get free shipping as well.  Just note that your order must be above $5 in order for the code to apply.  Shop through Ebates to get 3% cashback or Shop At Home to get 4%.

Here are some finds:

Cuddler Blanket (think Snuggie) $4.99

Two Pack circulation socks $4.99

Crew neck tees $4.76

Madras flip flops $5.75

Ballerina Slippers $6.99

Sueded Comforter $6.99

For orders that are below $5 consider adding this red gift bag to bump up your order and get the wrapping.

There is TONS more.  I would go to the Clearance section and sort by price (low to high).

Thanks Sarad!

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  • Jessica

    I did multiple orders, hopefully they all get processed. I ordered a cooler bag and a gift bag for .98, then a quilted jacket for .99, then a tee for .99, then the sueded comforter for 1.99.

    • Kathy

      How do you get the $5.00 off promo code to work? It is not taking it off for me.

  • SP

    Awesome deal!! I got 5 phones for under $5 each to give to security guards/maid/maintenaceman!! Thanks a ton!!

  • melanie

    I can’t get it to work. My item is $6.99. The code takes off the $5.99 shipping charge, but doesn’t take $5 off my item. Am I doing something wrong?

  • PAM V

    Do you enter it in the Gift Certrificate/Gift Card spot on the billing page? I couldn’t get it to work. Can someone please help me?

    • No, I entered it before that, right in the shopping cart.

    • JoDeen

      No it goes on the page before that toward the bottom left.

      • Kathy

        I am having the same problem as Melanie above is having. It is taking off the shipping charges but not the $5.00 even though it says that my promo code has been applied. Can someone please explain when they take the $5.00 off? I’ve gone all the way to the end of the checkout before actually submitting my order and it still did not deduct the $5.00.

        • Kathy

          Okay, I just called Customer Service to see what the problem was and was told that the $5.,00 will only be deducted if you are ordering clothing items. It excludes any items that are not considered clothing. The woman was very nice though and was willing to give me the $5.00 credit since the code did not state that. So, basically, it will still deduct the shipping charge on anything you order, but will not deduct the extra $5.00 unless you buy at least one item that is considered clothing.
          Hope this helps anyone else if you are having the same problem with the code!!

          • Melanie

            Thanks so much! I’m going to try it again with a clothing item!

          • SP

            HI all…so the way this works is that yuo are able to use this coupon 2 times on your address. I did not clear my cookies or anything and did a transaction for my mom (love her but she can’t use a computer if her life depended on it) and as long as I created a new account for her, her credit card, and her mailing address she was able to use the coupon on two transactions as well. BTW, We have purchased telephones and comforters…no clothing only type restriction as mentioned above.

  • elisabeth

    Did you get confirmation yet as to whether they are going to process the multiple orders? I cleared my cookies and everything but after the second transaction the code was being recognized as used. I got the $1.99 sueded comforter too and some flip flops for $0.74! Just hoping it goes through!

  • carla

    i did 4 orders 4 comforters for $1.99 AND A QUILTED JACKET FOR .99 HOPE THEY ALL GO THROUGH

  • angel

    i am loving it. i was able to use the code for 2 set of travel bags, one for 4.98 and other one for 3.08. and 2 cuddler blankets for 4.98, all in separate orders, but when i try to use it for a sling bag it only take off the shipping not the $5. oh well, i am very happy with what i got. Thank you so much for posting this!!

  • melinda

    love the $1.99 sueded comforter!!

    got 3 of em!

  • just got a nice tee for $3 and some change..thanks for the info!

  • Brandy

    Cannot find the Gift bag any help like a product number please? Thanks

    • Kathy

      I believe that the gift bag sold out and is no longer available.

  • ras

    Got a jacket for $1.99!

  • heather

    i wish id found this email earlier as i just had 10 minutes before it expired tonite . and by time i found item and made account i went go back in to get another item and said code wasnt valid anymore or expired, but i did get a nice bra for 3.99! cant beat that . merry xmas to me. but wish id got some snugglies for the nursing home as gifts . but i now hae found a site that carrys plus size clothes at decent prices to! since fashion bug is closing and going outta buisness i wont hae a local store to shop for decent clothes . but now i will ty!! and i even used ebates to boot!


    Looks like it is over now but that sure was fun! It is now saying “expired or invalid code” but thanks so much for sharing. I did pretty well and got lots crossed off my shopping list! 🙂

  • Jacqueline in Atlanta

    It would be nice if the info were updated to say “never mind” when these things end. I just spend 30 minutes filling out an order that would not go through with the code. I came here to get advice about my possible inability to enter the code only to discover the sale with code is evidently already over – only good for the few hours I was at church. The “snugglie” would have made a nice Cmas gift for son and my walking shorts are scary looking. Was looking forward to a new pair in the drawer for spring.

    Glad some of the guests here got some great deals. It is snowing here today, so shopping without getting out is a bonus!