Online Survey Company Review: Inbox Dollars

inbox dollars 300x65 Online Survey Company Review: Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars Online Survey Company review comes to you courtesy of fellow Blogger Jennifer.  Jennifer shares her yummy recipes on her blog “A Self Confessed Foodie.”

1.  How does this online survey company work?

Inbox Dollars has pay per click emails, surveys, and paid offers as part of their site. You can participate in any combination of these as you choose. The emails arrive directly to your inbox, as do the surveys. Surveys can also be found on their website. The offers can be found on the Inbox Dollars site with the specific details and amount you would get in your Inbox Dollars account.

2.What do you like about how this online company works?

It’s easy to do the ‘click on a paid email’. I can do these while watching TV. Also, you can always see your account and how much you need before you can cash out.

3.What don’t you like about how this company works?

The amounts don’t add up very quickly unless you do the offers or have referrals.

4.Please share your results with this company: How much $$ you have earned, in how much time and how much effort you have put into it.

I’ve made $40 in a year with no effort. It’s not a lot a of money but it truly has been no effort or much time involvement. I’ve mostly done the ‘click on this email’ and maybe 2-3 surveys a month.

5. Finally: Would you recommend this online company to a friend yes or no and why.

I would recommend it as a place to start while you are building up your network of survey sites. I would suggest finding one or two times a day to do your Inbox Dollar ‘clicks’ is easier than doing them all through the day.

Thank you so much Jennifer for sharing your experience with my readers.  Make sure to stop by and check out Jennifer’s Yummy Recipes over at Self Confessed Foodie.  If you have been using Inbox Dollars for a while as well, please share your experience in the comments and help the rest of the readers who have not given Inbox Dollars a try decide whether it is for them or not.

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