Online Survey Company Review: Ipsos I-Say Panel

Ipsos I-Say Panel Online Survey Company review comes to you courtesy of fellow reader and blogger Beth, at Thrifty Living. Here Beth shares her experience using Ipsos I-Say panel to earn money from home.

Ipsos I-say Panel is one of the legitimate survey companies that pays you for your opinion! You do not have to pay anything to join I-say. In order to keep things organized, I have a separate survey email account set up. I highly recommend doing this if you are serious about using online survey sites – it keeps me on the ball.

  • How I-say works

Joining is easy. Simply visit Ipsos I-say and click the ‘join now’ button. Once you have filled out a form with your information, you will begin to receive survey invitations via email. I get 2 or 3 screener invitations per week. A screener is a series of brief questions to determine whether or not you qualify for the particular survey. This usually takes no more than one or two minutes. If you do not qualify for that particular survey, you will be given 1 point for your participation, as well as an opportunity to play the Poll Predictor game, for which you earn sweepstakes chances based on how well you guess the results of a national poll. If you do qualify, complete the remainder of the survey for your full reward, as well as getting to play the Poll Predictor game for sweepstakes chances. Every point is worth $.10 and you need 50 points ($5) to cash out. You can request a check to be mailed to you once your balance reaches $5.

  • What do you like about I-say?

I really enjoy the types of surveys offered by I-say. I have found that many of them deal with entertainment and are very interactive. I have often had commercial, television, or movie clips to watch and write about. The surveys at I-say have been some of the most enjoyable that I have taken in the year or so that I have been doing online surveys. I also like that I get rewarded for every survey, even if I screen out at the beginning. I also feel like I-say makes it easy to get your reward by offering checks. In my opinion, this is much better than being rewarded through prizes or even gift cards. I also enjoy playing the Poll Predictor game at the end of every survey. I’ve never won one of the sweepstakes, but the questions are usually amusing, and its fun to see how good I am at guessing.

  • What don’t you like about I-say?

The biggest thing that I don’t like about I-say is a temporary problem. Right now, they are working on launching a new site, so members are unable to view their reward points online. A monthly email is sent to members to update them on their point totals instead. I am really looking forward to seeing my account on the website again! The other thing is that I think some of the surveys do not have a great compensation. A normal survey is usually worth 8 points ($.80) and could take 15 or 20 minutes, though many times they do not take me that long. That is not a terrific hourly rate. However, there are higher paying surveys from time to time, and since I-say’s surveys are pretty interesting, I stick with the company.

  • Please share your results with this company:  How much money you have earned, in how much time and how much effort you have put into it.

I have been a member of I-say for about a year now, and have earned nearly $20. I seem to go through spurts of activity with this company, as with some of my other survey companies. I think that this is normal. I was pretty consistent the first few months, though I did not seem to qualify for many surveys, so my points did not add up very quickly when I was only putting in one at a time! I took a few months break of only doing a survey every month or so, but over the last 2 months have picked up again, and earned about $9. It seems to take a little while to qualify for surveys when you first start with a company, but my advice is to stick with it! Having that separate survey email address helps to see screener emails quickly. I typically try to go through my survey inbox once a day, though many times I will go a few days in between. Taking online surveys will not make you rich, but it is a great way to earn a little bit of extra money by doing something that is making a difference. I could not tell you how many times I will see an ad for a new product that I learned about months ago through a survey! It is a great feeling, knowing that I am helping manufacturers to improve products for everyone!

  • Finally:  Would you recommend this online company to a friend yes or no and why

I would highly recommend Ipsos I-say Panel as one of my favorite survey companies!

Thank you Beth for sharing your experience with my readers. Make sure to stop by her blog Thrifty Living. If you have been using Ipsos I-say for a while as well, please share your experience in the comments and help the rest of the readers who have not given I-say a try decide whether it is for them or not.

  • Carrie

    I have been with Ipsos for almost 2 years, and I earned $80 in giftcards before they switched to the check system. As soon as they have the new site launched, I am going to cash out for another $50. The surveys do seem to go in spurts, but I have to agree, they have the most interesting surveys of all the companies I participate with.

  • Jessica-MomForHim

    I’ve been a member with Ipsos I-Say for about a year, I think. I agree with what Beth shared–her review was thorough! :-) I also enjoy the Poll Predictor questions–though I’ve never won a contest and I’m pretty sure that is also a way they are collecting data (what will you spend your points on, will you go for bigger prizes or smaller, will you spread your points out or lump them in one contest, etc).

    I think I originally signed up with Ipsos through MyPoints, because they are connected for me. When I take an Ipsos survey, I get awarded by them (1 pt for not qualifying or 8 for qualifying) and I also earn points in my MyPoints account (10 for not qualifying and 50 for qualifying)! Gotta love double points!! :-)

  • Jasmine

    I LOVE isay! I hae earned well over $100 with them. They have great surveys and I have tested numerous products for them!