Organize Your Facebook Feed by Creating Lists

If you are on Facebook you know that over the past couple of days there have been a lot of changes made to it.  I must say I have not explored all of the changes but I am very happy to see that you can now create lists.  If you are on Twitter or Goggle+, you know you can make lists or create create circles there too.

I love being able to make lists on Facebook because they can help you make sense of your feed.  I have a lot of friends and also follow a lot of pages and over the past two months I just felt too overwhelmed by so many things showing up on my one feed.  I was losing touch with my friends and also family because of the mess.

You probably noticed that Facebook automatically created a list for friends and family for you and gave you a chance to edit it.  You can also create a list of the pages you follow and make it easier to keep tabs on them.  If you follow blogs on Facebook you can create a list to make it easier to follow their updated.  Here is how to do that:

On the left side of your Facebook you will see a section called lists.  To create a new list, hover your computer mouse over that section and click on “More:

After you click on more, click on “Create a List” and name your list. I follow a few deal blogs so I called mine “Deals.”  Then after you name it, on the right side you will see a section called “On This List” type the name of the blogs you follow that you want to add to this list.

I follow a lot of pages, so I have narrowed my lists down to “Companies”, ‘Recipe Blogs”, “Parenting Blogs”, etc.

After you create your lists, you will see which ones have any updates on the left side of your Facebook Home.  Just click on them to check who has said what and interact.  So go on and make a list of Blogs you follow and be sure to add Common Sense with Money first to that list.



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  • js

    Is there any way your friends list can see your “lists” or what you’ve named them?? Or is this completely private to your page?

    • I don’t see any lists my friends may have created when I visit their profile. Creating a list doesn’t seem to show under your activity either. This is what I have noticed though.

      • js

        I did add to my “Close Friends” and also to my “Family”…I added my mom to both as a test, and she said that she received a request to approve the “Family” and also to list what our relation that one will notify people for sure.

        • Yes, when you list someone as a family they get notification and must approve the relationship. That’s always been like that.


  • Morgan

    Great idea to use the list function to organize the company and blog pages you follow! Thanks for the idea :).

  • HeatherF

    In case you want your standard feed to look like it used to with out the new top stories feature, Create a list called Feed and add all of your friends and pages to it. Will look just like it used to!

  • Yes, the system-generated Family (as well as work network) lists require that the person be added outside of the List as well. For example, if you work at Acme Widgets, any friends you have who also list Acme Widgets as an employer will be on that list. If you try to add someone else, they will get a message suggesting they add Acme Widgets as their employer.

  • Hi Mercedes,
    I tried to do this and was able to create the list for Deals but when I add people, it’s only showing my actual friends and not the pages I like. Can you tell me how to add these?

    • Nevermind…figured it out! Long day…..TGIF!

  • Michelle

    This was so helpful, thank you so much! I am not very Facebook savvy since I don’t use it for personal stuff, and this will make it lots easier to get the information I need quickly without having to wade through things I don’t need when I’m just trying to look at specific areas. Time is money, after all! *lol*

  • melissa

    Thanks for explaining it to us !