Over the Moon Milk Coupons

overthemoonlogoSchepps or Deans Milk (depending on the area) is coming out with a new type of milk called Over the Moon.  Over the milk promises to deliver the thick and creaminess of whole milk but with the calories of fat or low fat milk.  The good news about new product launches is that they come with promotional offers.  In this case you can get a $1 off Internet printable coupon on this website.  I expect to see this product on sale at my grocery store soon, I hope you find them on sale soon too.

Thanks Lee Ann for the heads up on this coupon.


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  • Erin

    They had blinkies at my Walmart. I took a couple but didn’t buy any because it was 2.99 for a half gallon. That’s still $4 gallon after coupon!

  • wow, that is some high priced milk!

  • mel tarman

    price still competitive with the other brands and much better milk. their lowfat tastes like whole milk and their choc milk delicious.
    wonderful product

  • Lori

    This milk is delicious. It tastes like a treat, even though it’s only 1% (or skim). I agree, it’s a wonderful product. I’ve been p urchasing it wothout coupons, so I’m happy to find one.

  • fran

    This milk is GREAT!!!! I am always looking for FF milk that taste like reg. milk or 1-2 % milk== my husband uses 1 % milk and when it runs out will use my Over The Moon milk til he gets his 1%.
    The price is comparable to the other FF so called good tasting milk!
    I get this FF milk @ Wal-Mart==I wish Kroger or Food Lion would carry this product.

  • chris kerbe

    Just wanted to let you know your milk is delicious and i have been telling everyone about it.