Pampers Deal at CVS 6/7-6/13

babypampersdiaperThere seems to be an unadvertised deal on Pampers at CVS this week.  The deal is not advertised on the weekly sales circular but it is advertised on the CVS website.  You can see the ad and details on this page right here.  As you can see the deal as advertised on the CVS website is pretty awesome: Buy one jumbo pack of Pampers for $8.99 and get $5 Extra Care Bucks Back.  Use a  $1/1 coupon from the P&G insert in today’s (6/7) newspaper and it’s like paying $2.99 per pack.

I have waited to share this “deal” with you because the deal has not printed the Extra Care bucks for anyone yet.  Some stores activate their Sunday sales on Saturday and those people who have tried this have not gotten their ECBs at checkout.  Since they brought a print out of what’s advertised on the CVS website, almost always a manager has forced the ECBs to print for them.  I have been monitoring this since early this morning and even those with 24-hour store, have not had the ECBs to print.

The deal is advertised on the website though.  So, if you would like to take advantage of it, just take a print out of the webpage with you and when the ECBs don’t print make your case to the cashier and manager.  Chances are very very good that they will honor it.  As far as the limit for this deal, the printed ad advertises a limit of 3 on the price of $8.99 per pack.

I will keep updating you if I find out this deal starts printing out ECBs for people.  If you try your luck, please let us know how it went. Thanks to everyone who shared this deal with us on the comments section of the CVS weekly deals entry.

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  • Gina

    I tried the deal this morning but no ECBs printed. Even with the printout the cashier would not honor it saying it is nowhere in the flyer.

  • Ana

    I went, ecbs did not print out. The manager did force print out $5 for me though.

  • Tatiana

    Can i buy these online, get my ECB, my $5 adperk gift card and free shipping? If anyone knows or has tried let me know. This is a really good deal but i just had a baby and dont really feel like going out to CVS at the moment. 🙂

  • Tigerfreak21

    It says it is only valid in-store

  • Mercedes

    Congratulations Tatiana!!! Was it a boy or girl?

    Unfortunately the CVS webpafe states offer is good in stores only. I would wait until the ECBs start printing on their own to consider hitting your store in your case.


  • Ashley

    I just tried with no luck. Store manager said if there is no code (like what is printed on store flyer), then she can’t input to print out ECBs.

  • Marin

    I just tried this morning and bought 3 jumbo packs. No ECBS printed. I had tried to print out the webpage but my computer wouldn’t print the images (argh) so I had nothing. Do you think I would be best to call customer service? They should know what their website says, right?

  • Sarah in Minnesota

    I tried this morning and had luck!

    First I asked the cashier about it as a question before I even got any diapers. I showed her the printed page, and said “Are you doing this deal right now?” She didn’t even hesitate and said “yes. You can do it, but it is limit 3”. So I bought 2 extra papers (b/c there is a $1 off Pampers coupon in there today – I already had one) and I did the following deal:

    $8.99 x 3 = 26.97 – $3 coupons = 23.97 – $5 in previous ECB (from this weeks Dawn deal and Fusion Razor deal) = 18.97 and I got $15 in ECBs!!! It did not automatically print – she seemed to know it wouldn’t. She looked at my sheet again, typed something in and out printed the $15 ECBs!! I am seriously stocked for diapers now!! Also watch the packages of pampers… I think they in the process of switching to packs with less diapers… my CVS had Pampers Baby Dry with 34 count and 31 count (size 4).

    Good luck!

  • ya I just went this morning and it did not print. I did not have a print out with me though. I am thinking of going back with the print out to see if they will give it to me.

  • Melissa in TN

    Didn’t work for me today. Supervisor took my name and is checking with the manager. There is no code for this deal and of course customer service is closed today.

    I’m getting a little aggravated at the drugstores with things like this and then last week only one Wags having the blood sugar monitors and then running out of paper as they print my $10 catalina and the clerk saying, “Oh well.”

  • Rei

    I called my CVS before I went in and asked if they were going to honor it, otherwise said I wasn’t going to bother going there today. They said to just print that page off and bring it in. The deal definitely doesn’t print the ECB so they had to push it thru manually. If you’re willing to go thru all that hassle it’s definitely worth it, especially if you have the $2 Pampers coupon from the p&g booklet!

  • stephanie

    I also tried the deal today & the manager said since the web address was instead of it wasn’t valid.

  • Julie

    I did the deal this morning, ECB didn’t print but the store manager pushed it through for me!

  • Jackie

    Didn’t work at mine unfortunately. Nice job to those that got the deal!

  • Cassie

    I tried one pack this morning and of course the ECB did not print. The manager would not force it through either. She said I had to call or email CS. Sure would like to get more at this price though!

  • Kristin

    I did this also! The manager pushed it through but said she was going to limit anyone else coming in to 1 until they got it cleared with corporate.


  • Alli

    I had the same situation as Rei. I called first, was told to bring in the ad, the manager thanked me for calling first (as some people make a hassle about these things), and they manually gave me the ECB. But this is such a good deal (especially with coupons!) that I want to go back and get more!

  • stacy

    Talked to the store manager this afternoon. He said that the problem should be fixed in 24-48 hrs. I could wait until then to do the deal, and chance that they would sell out, or I could do the deal today, pay out of pocket, and call CVS tomorrow when they are open. They will credit my account, and I can print off the extra bucks at the kiosk. Sounded fair enough to me:) Got my diapers, waiting for my ECBS!

  • Ellen c.

    I just got my ECB’s. I originally didn’t but I sent my husband back after a phone call to the store and the cashier scanned the barcode on my receipt and they printed out. I still had a few of the $2 coupons so this worked out to be a great deal.

  • Erin

    I tried this today too and got nowhere. The cashier said someone had come in earlier with the print out too and they had called their help line. He said because there was no code, no limit and it is not in the ad they were not going to honor it. I just decided to leave and hope it’ll get fixed this week then go back in there to have them print my ecb’s.

  • Angie

    I have a feeling this deal won’t be honored tomorrow. I think it’s a fake. The store manager thought it was too. She did push through one for me, but only would do the one for now. She said if it was legit, there was still the rest of the week to use it. They had plenty of diapers, so I’ll wait and see. I’ll be curious to see what happens tomorrow.

  • Kellee

    I bought a pack of diapers too and my ECBs did not print out! I’m going to call the 1-800 number tomorrow.

  • Heather

    It sure doesn’t look fake!! If you go to, it is advertised front and center on the main page! You have to click to see the full details, and that’s when it takes you to

  • Leslie

    Here is what happened to me: I took the printout in, bought a package of the Pampers. The ECB’s didn’t print (of course, grin). The cashier was friendly about it, but wanted to check with the manager before just pressing a button and giving it to me. The manager saw my printout and asked where it came from. I explained that the had an advertisement on their homepage and that if you click on it, it explains the ECB deal. He explained to me that there was not an “event number” (I might have the wrong description, but you know what I mean.); I knew what he meant. So I asked him if he had internet at the store, he said yes, and I asked if he was willing to check it out, then I was definitely willing to wait because it was worth it to me. So he DID! He came back and explained to me that he got an event number . . . . however, the deal has been pulled at this point because it was a mistake by CVS. He did go ahead and honor it for me and I was able to buy the “limit of 3” as per the written ad at $8.99 price. Soooo, this may give hope to those out there, if my manager was able to get an “event code” then it is possible that those who have already purchased and/or have the printout, will be able to have it honored.

  • I tried to do this deal today, and the ECBs didn’t print for the 3 packs I bought. I spoke with the manager, and he said he would give me $5 cash back. I asked about a limit since one wasn’t listed on the site (and on the print out I took to the store). The manager told me the limit was to the manager’s discretion at each location. I will be calling customer service tomorrow to request the additional $10 ECBs.

  • jennifer

    My CVS held my diapers until tomorrow so they can get the event code. They should honor it tomorrow when CVS corporate is open.

  • Lana

    I had a very similar experience. Manager was very nice, but said he couldn’t push it through without an event code. Said he really would do it for me if he could, but without the event code he wouldn’t be able to get anything to print out for me. ????? (People who had their manager “push it through”, how did they do it then?) Anyway, he hadn’t heard anything about this deal but was going to check into it. Since I had a $/$$ coupon that expired today that I wanted to use, he told me to do the deal and then come back later in the week and he will either manually give me my ECB’s if he figures it out or I can return the diapers. This would have been a huge deal for me since I bought 3 packs of diapers (plus a few small fillers), used $4.50 in pampers coupons, a $5/$30, and $15 in ECB’s. I paid $3.03 OOP and would have gotten the $15 ECBs back. Here’s hoping that I can get those ECBs back!

  • Bonnie

    Do you think that we can get a raincheck if they run out. That would be cool, especially since I still have $2 coupons left from the P&G coupon books. Yeah!

  • Becky

    The manager at my store made a phone call and I guess got an “event code.” She was real nice and said the limit per corporate was 3. I guess they got bombarded with it today cause everyone knows what a great deal it is…especially since they are reducing the amount of diapers in a package. So sad, but if you can get the 34 packs, stock up now…cause 3 less diapers at the same price definitely will hurt me. My boys better hurry up and potty train.

  • Jennifer

    If you go to, half way down the page is a link to the offer, that goes to cvstoday. So its on their webpage!!!

  • Dallas

    looks like cvs pulled the add off the website. At least for me it is no longer visible and able to print. It just says $8.99 in store deals. Darn!

  • Andrea Reynolds

    Click the link- it still takes me to the ad that mentions the $5ECB.

  • Monday morning here and it looks like it’s been pulled. Clicked on the link on the home page and all that’s there is a brief line of text that says “pampers available online and in-store”. Bummer. Guess I should have tried yesterday, but I was really trying to take advantage of a dry day to finish getting my vegetable garden in.

  • Bonnie

    Heather, It must have come back up because I just checked and the link is still working, directs you to the same page with the $5 ECB’s listed. You should be able to do this deal today. I would print it though, just in case they do pull it, that way you still have the deal in hand and they will usually honor it that way. Anybody tried to get the $8.99 price for packages after the limit 3??? Just wondering, because with a $2 coupon that would still be a good price for the larger packs, especially if they are going to have less diapers in them soon.

  • kim

    some may be lucky enough to have the original ad stored in your cache. I just tried and get the same page as jennifer (using a PC that I never pulled teh CVS page on with the ECB deal). I wonder if I try from home if I will get it.

  • Kellee

    They pulled the ad! I only bought one pack of pampers yesterday and my ECBs did not print! I’m calling the 1-800 number when I get I minute! If they don’t give me the $5 ECBs then, I’m returning the Pampers! I was really hoping this deal would work so I would have some diapers to take to my donation site this week. Oh well……….

  • kim

    After not being able to view the ad today I called customer care and was told that the ECBs should be printing by tomorrow. But in teh meantime, if you buy them you can call and tehy will credit you with the ECBs. I forgot to ask the limit thought.

  • Kellee

    I called the 1-800 number on the back of the ECBs card and CS told me that the LIMIT was THREE! So, he will be using me $5 ECBs for the Pampers I bought yesterday; they should print off on Wednesday. He told me I could buy 2 more packs and get $5 ECBs each! He said that they are working on the problem!

  • Julia

    I called customer service this morning as well, and after hearing that it should be fixed by today I went to the store…After they didn’t print, my manager told the cashier to override the system and so she manually printed them for me. HOWEVER, my friend went to a different CVS this morning, and her manager called corporate because he didn’t know about it and they had a message that said that the deal ended at 9:30 this morning! They printed them for her because it was only 9:45 our time, but he said “tell your friends the deal is over.” THe manager had the phone on speaker, so she heard the message but I haven’t. I hope it’s not true but sounds like it might be…

  • Rei

    Funny how different CS reps are saying different things regarding the ECBs. I’ve been reading about this here as well as on other sites and there seems to be conflicting stories. I’m glad I got a pack yesterday without a problem but was hoping to pick up 1 more today. Oh well, it does really seem almost too good to be true.

  • Nancy

    CVS has changed their website – the sale no longer shows $5 ECBs. Thanks!

  • Kristina L.

    I looked at the page to print and I don’t see anything about 5.00 ECB. Can anyone help????

  • I went to CVS today, printout in hand. I asked the cashier to ring up two transactions – just the Pampers first – so I could see if the ECBs printed. They did not. The cashier was confused and asked a couple of employees before someone finally was able to manually print the ECBs. I bought three packs (based on the limit in the circular for the $8.99 price). She only printed one $5 ECB for me, so I pointed out that I bought three. After some hesitation, she printed another one for $10. So…though it was time-consuming and a tad annoying, it did work.

  • Bekah

    I went to CVS today and showed the printout to my cashier BEFORE she rang up the transaction. She rang up one pack, deducted the $1 P&G coupon, and manually printed the $5 reward – which I rolled to the next pack and repeated the process.

    The manager was there with her, and said they had recieved an email from corporate that the offer WAS valid; however, ECB’s would have to be manually printed and the limit was 3.

  • susan

    i went to CVS today, i bought 1 pamper and showed them the website that i printed out . then the cashier tell me that they just got the email to discontinue the promotion now with 5 ECBs , so i told them i just bought same items at here yesterday with 10 ECBs, but she told me “it’s discontinue” , therefore i return it back.

  • Nicky

    I just did the deal in NY. Asked the cashier and showed her the ad before I started my transaction. She said lets do one. ECB did not print so she called manager who said to give me the $5 credit on the other diapers. did 3 transactions.for the last transaction in order to get the last $5 ECB i had to buy something in store that was worth $5 so I bought Colgate toothpaste BIGIF and a small piece of candy so my before tax would be $5. Got 4 toothpaste for .90. so I paid about $7 for 3 packs of diapers and 4 toothpaste. Not Bad

  • Desiree

    I went to CVS today and bought three packages of diapers. I spoke to the manager before heading to the register. He told me he received an email to honor the computer print out but it was a mistake. I just checked on line and they removed the $5.00 ECB. I also had two coupons for $1.00 and $1.50. He honored both and I received $15.00 ECB. Thanks for sharing all your great deals!! Needless to say, I was very happy leaving CVS today!

  • Renee

    This was honored for me at my store too. Yay! Great baby shower gifts.

    I did call customer service this morning and the guy kept telling me “Sorry mam, this is no longer valid.” Over and over, no matter what I said. I’m so glad my store honored it.

  • Angie

    Can anyone scan and post the original ad. by the time I got to the add they had taken the ECB’s off. Anyone have the original add to scan?

  • Ginger

    Angie –

    Don’t know if I can share another website or not, but has a link to the original add…(at least they did this morning!) Hope this helps!

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  • Laura

    The original ad is still posted on … I was able to print it out yesterday. It appears that the stores have worked out the kinks this week, and the managers/employees are used to manually printing the ECBs. Having to request the manual ECBs is a little annoying, but the nice part about the whole endeavor is that you can go to multiple stores and buy more diapers! I bought three at one CVS, got my $15 ECBs, and then did the same thing at another CVS. The limit seems to be 3 per transaction, but there is no weekly limit to this deal because the system is unable to track how many you have purchased.