Pampers Facebook Giveaway

Pampers is giving away a free year supply of diapers to new Facebook Fans. Just become a fan and enter the FANtastic giveaway. It seems it’s a winner per day but not sure how many days they will be doing this. I think it’s for the next 25 days.

Also, in case you are not a member of Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards, when you become a member you are eligible to win a years worth of diapers. This is a daily giveaway through 4/12/10.

Looking for more sweepstakes to enter? (if you don’t enter you can’t win! so says my husband anyways) check out Sweeties Sweeps.

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  • Anna in IL

    When I tried to enter the Pampers giveaway, it told me that doing so would give their application access to my information and pictures, and to my friends’ information and pictures. I’m not selling out my friends for a *chance* of a year’s diapers — sorry Pampers!

    • Stephanie Kirk

      How would they get it? I do not recall seeing that! 🙁