Paradigm Shift: Less than $35 a week grocery budget

A common budget area people like to cut down on how much they spend on is the grocery area. When I started this blog I posted an exercise where I took a sales flier from one of the grocery stores in my area and built a menu to feed a family of four for six days for $66.
Later I found out the goal around the frugal blogosphere is the $35 a week menu. So, do you think that

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  • Mrs Mecomber

    Yow. I have three full-blown teenagers and another one up and coming. There’s no way we could spend $35 (or even $75) a week grocery. Also, I live in NY where the cost of living runs high.

    We try to cut into our food expenses by growing our own veggies during the summer. And we almost never eat out.

  • Rhonda in OK

    Her style of shopping amazing, I am assuming she is getting lots of double coupon deals.
    How I wish I was near a CVS too, those deals are so good.

  • Frugal Finds

    I am so glad you shared this blog. What an interesting little project! I look forward to watching it. I wish she would show more details like where she gets all the coupons and how she is paying zero out of pocket for so many things.
    Here is another one I found yesterday that is similar…
    Frugal Carol

  • MoneyCommonSense

    Mrs. Mecomber, we are growing a garden this summer too and we don’t eat out very much anymore. I am working on cutting back on grocery spending too and I have to say since the baby I have not been so good since I am not menu planning very much anymore. i need to be more diligent about it.

    How I wish any of my stores doubled here too. Sometimes I think that would be a requirement for where we move next. if there’s no grocery store that doubles coupons then we don’t move. I can’t believe some stores triple too! and I can’t believe people don’t take advantage of something like that.

    From what I have read in this and her other blog she shops at some stores with gift cards and my other guess would be register rewards. I think its fascinating too and I intend to follow her journey because I think it’s very interesting.

  • frugaliving

    I wish I could spend less on groceries, but using coupons would have me buying things I never normally would. I try to buy according to my values, which means that I look for organic, local or sustainably produced foods, and limit my packaged foods as much as possible. Looking at Erin’s blog, I see a lot of rather unhealthy items (thinking specifically of the koolaid) and items that aren’t eco-friendly (thinking of name-brand laundry detergent). It seems to me that quality and quantity go hand in hand, and one might try to think about the quality of the items they are savings on, rather than just the savings alone. I am more than happy to buy eggs from my friend’s cousin’s chicken farm at $3/dozen. They are high quality eggs that cannot be found in the grocery store, and I am supporting a local farmer. As the old adage goes: You get what you pay for.