Dead Now: PhotoStamps: 40+ Custom Photo Stamps for 40 Cents Each


By now I have shared how you can get FREE Photo Cards and cheap custom return address labels, how about today I share how to get custom photo stamps for less than the cost of a regular stamp?  These would not only make the perfect addition to your Holiday cards but would also make some very nice presents for family. Don’t tell my in-laws but they are getting photo stamps with the pictures of our children for a Holiday present. To get the best deal you will need to become a ShopAtHome member. ShopAtHome is another cash back site. They will give you cash back on your purchases when you shop through them. Here are the step by step instructions on how to get 40 or more custom made photo stamps for less than the cost of a regular stamp:

  • Go to ShopAtHome and sign up as a member (or login if you are already a member). If you are new to ShopAtHome you will get a $5 bonus just for signing up and completing this purchase.
  • Once you a member of ShopAtHome, search for ‘photo stamps” and click on the link (it should say $8 Cash Back on the right of it).
  • Upload your photo and edit as you wish until it looks like to want it and head to check out.
  • Your best deal is when you order at least two sheets of 20 making each sheet $16.99 each. You can order more sheets but your best deal is when you order at least two.
  • At check out use the following codes to get additional discounts: thirtyoff in the promo code box to get 30% off your order AND cutekid12 to get free shipping plus the 30% off (both codes can be stacked).

You will see now your total is down to $23.79 for both sheets of stamps. But you will also get the $8 cash back from ShopAtHome for completing your order through them. This rebate should show up in your account within 30 days. That brings your total expense down to $15.79 for 40 stamps or $0.40 per stamp. In addition if you are new to ShopAtHome you will also get the $5 sign on bonus!

I have already ordered some of these photo stamps, when the kits were on clearance at Walgreens. The photo stamps are really cool! and like I said they will make great presents for the grandparents PLUS add a special something to out holiday cards. Happy Savings!

Thanks Moneysavingmom!

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  • jen

    hi! i just tried this after seeing it on MSM but it said i had to buy 3 sheets to get the 16.99 price. Any clue why?

  • Alisha

    I still have some photostamp kits from walgreens, do you know if I can get the $8 back if I use the codes on my stamp kits?

    • Alisha,
      From SopATHome FAQ

      Can I earn rebates when I use or buy gift certificates?
      Sorry, but buying or redeeming gift certificates doesn’t earn you rebates with unless stated otherwise.


  • jen

    Alisha- I was also wondering that…hmmm…. also, how long is the 8.00 back good for?

  • Jennifer

    I can’t find the “Online Store” tab. Is it on the shopathome website or the website? Thanks!

    • Jennifer, after you click on Stamps and get redirected to the website you look for the online store tab. It’s hard to miss.


  • Prudence

    I need some clarification on the $8 cash back. Will they actually send me the $8 if I request it somehow? Or is it only good towards a future purchase?

    • Hi Prudence,

      The $8 will be credited to your account once you complete the purchase. Then as long as your account balance is over $20, you will get a check mailed to you 60 days after the end of every month. Check out their frequently asked questions section for more info


  • Nan

    I don’t think we’ll get the $8 back if we use the Walgreens kits, but the cool thing is that when you use the 30% code, you get MORE stamps. I was able to get 4 sheets (same picture on all) for the price of 2, so I only used 2 Wags codes. (Makes those Wags kits an even better deal than they already were!)

    • yvonne

      i was wondering about this too, it’s been over a week since i placed my order and even the actual stamps have arrived already i still didn’t get the credit from shop at home.

      • You won’t get the shopathome credit up to 30 days after transaction. I posted a link to FAQs in a previous comment.


  • heidih

    This is probably a dumb question, but these stamps are something you print at home on your own computer with your own ink – right? I assume that is how these work – is that right?

    • Hi heidi,

      No these are mailed to you.


  • jen

    will you still get the 8.00 if you only buy one sheet?

    • Hi Jen,

      Yes, as long as you complete a purchase through them.


  • Alisha

    I just ordered 120 $.44 stamps for Christmas Cards and used the codes above with 4 of my remaining stamp kits from Walgreens – It only took about 3.5 kits – 120 stamps for less than $24!! Can’t beat that!

  • Elena

    A while ago Walgreens had these from 19.99 to 7.99. I went the other day and found the same boxes in the clearance section for 4.99 each. Maybe someone else will get lucky and find them too. This would turn out a money maker for you.

  • Amber Johnson

    So, if I don’t ever buy anything with ShopAtHome again than this won’t actually be a good deal for me? (If I never get the $8 cash rebate.) Right?

  • Laura

    Just wondering if you can get the $8 cash rebate on 2 seperate orders? ie., could I do 2 seperate orders for 2 sheets of stamps and get the $8 back on both? Thanks!

  • I just went to the shop at home website and the $8 back deal seems to be gone. Am I missing it or is the deal over?

    • Wylene

      I think it must be gone. I tried it and it looks like the $8 rebate is no longer available.

  • Christine

    If you signed up for an account with, please check your credit card statement! They charge 15.99 each month for an account, and it takes approximately 30 minutes on the phone to cancel! Beware!