Pick Your Own Strawberries

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. To celebrate we went to the strawberry farm with the kids to pick some strawberries. I had been waiting to do this since about a month ago when I used the last of the strawberries I froze from our trip last year.

Who needs to buy popsicles when you can make your own delicious 100% strawberry juice popsicles? My three year old was in heaven after dinner.

I put about 4 lbs in the freezer for later. They make yummy yogurt smoothies.
To freeze them, I first freeze them in a cookie sheet and then when frozen I put them in a bag. It is better this way because when frozen individually in a cookie sheet they don’t clump together inside the bag as much.

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  • Mercedes

    They sure are Shelly.

  • Gina

    Where did you find your popsicle makers? I need some and don’t know where to look without spending too much $$. Thanks!

  • Mercedes

    Hi Gina,
    I bought the ones with the straw, maybe four years ago or so at bed Bath and Beyond. They were not very cheap, I want to think something like 5.99 each. I really can’t recall. But I guess since they have lasted me so long I shouldn’t complain. The ones without the straw I got a year or two ago at Walmart I think. They are usually by the area where they have plastic pitchers. You mat want to check Dollar Tree too. they may have them. Those were cheaper, I want to think around $2.

    Of course the ones with the straw are prefect for little kids because then they can drink what melts away for less mess.

  • Becky@FamilyandFinances

    How do you package the strawberries so they last in the freezer for a whole year? Strawberries are really cheap right now with lots of “pick your own” farms in my area. I never thought to pick a bunch and freeze them! Any tips would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  • Mercedes

    to freeze strawberries I wash them, ripp off the stem part and then set them in a cookie sheet. I stick the cookie sheet into the freezer. Once they are frozen like this I stick them into a vacuum sealer bag, vacuum seal and stick in the freezer until I need them. I’ll add the picture of the strawberries in the cookie sheet. I took the pic but didn’t add it to the post.

  • FunkyFrum

    i love strawberry picking and am so sad the season is wrapping up. but i must admit i am excited about all the other berries that will soon be pickable

  • Elizabeth F.

    We love to pick Strawberries and freeze them as well. We just made smoothies the other day with some strawberries left over form last year. We threw in some blueberries as well that were frozen. Yummy!

  • Justine

    Can you freeze other berries the same way you do the strawberries? The idea of freezing them on a cookie sheet first is great… though I never seem to have enough room in the freezer to do that!!

  • Mercedes

    Hi justine, yes you can freeze other fruits and vegetables the same way. Vegetables should be blanched first. This weekend we picked up some blueberries and we will be using the same system to freeze them.

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  • steph

    You can buy the popsicle makers at Dollar Tree for $1. You may have to run hot water over them to get the popsicle to release. Usually the stick comes out by itself if you don’t warm it up first!