PickNSave Copps Highlights 9/18 – 9/24

88 cent sale

Roundy’s fresh drumsticks or thighs .88/ lb with card

Pepsi, Mountain Dew, or Sierra Mist 2 liters .88 with card limit 4
Use Sierra Mist B1G1 /2 Rolling Printable or B2G1 Sierra Mist, 2 Liters, Any Variety B2G1 /3 Rolling Printable

Green Giant Valley Fresh steamers vegetables .88 with card. Limit 2
Use Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Frozen Vegetables $1.00 /1 from 09-07-08 Inserts

Barilla pasta .88 with card limit 2
Use Barilla Plus Pasta 1/2 from 9/14 inserts

Hunt’s pasta sauce .88 with card limit 2
Use Hunt Canned Tomato products 0.40/2 from 9/21 inserts

Bolthouse farms baby cut carrots 1# bag .88 with card

Special promotions

Buy 6 GM cereal at regular price in a single order and get $10 off with card and a coupon for a free gallon of milk.
Use 1/1 Cheerios IP from link one and link two, there are also 1 off two insert coupons from 8/24
*Best Deal* Assuming you do this on Wednesday
Buy 6 Boxes of Cheerios (3.29 at my store possibly different at yours)
-11 Cheerios Internet printable coupons doubled (you will need more than one computer to get 6 coupons)
-10 off at check out
= 1.26 in overage and you get a catalina for a free gallon of milk

Progresso soup – Buy 8 cans at regular price in a single order and get $8 off instantly Reg Price 2.25 each
Use Progresso Soup, any flavor $0.50 /2 11-01-2008 Insert 09-07-08 GM
*Deal Idea*
$18 for eight cans of Progresso soup
-4 four 0.50/2 coupons doubled
-8 deducted at check out
=$6 for eight cans of Progresso soup

BTFE promotion (not confirmed yet, but GM cereals have BTFEs and this one and the cereal deal may be a double dip)
Buy 10 get 50 bonus BTFE
Buy 15 get 100 bonus BTFE
Buy 20 get 170 bonus BTFE
Small print says: Any and all boxtops for education products are included. For a complete list of participating products, please visit BoxTops4Education.com – Earn Cash For Your School! Products must be purchased in a single visit between 9/18/08 and 9/24/08. Look for your instant Bonus Box tops via Checkout rewards at the register.

7up, diet 7up, A&W, or Sunkist 4/12 with card -5.00 mail in rebate in store 4/$7 after MIR.

Catalina Deals

Buy one Glade Gel Warmer on sale $1.19 this week get $2 off your next order coupon
Use BOGO coupons from 9/14
Spend $1.19 and get TWO $2 Off your next order coupons

Buy one Glade Scented Oil Plug In Warmer $4.75 get $2 off your next order coupon
Use FREE item peelie found at Walgreens
Pay Tax and get one $2 off your next order coupon

Buy one Glade Flameless Clandle $7.79 get $3 off your next order coupon
Use $5 off one coupon from 9/7 inserts
Pay $7.79 plus tax and get one $3 off your next order coupon

Note: I don’t know when this catalina offers end but they worked for me as of Friday. It seems it is a promotions running at other stores as well (it worked for me at Kmart too) and I have seen reported it ends 10/5.

Special thanks to Chitownmelli and the rest of the members of the Copps/PNS forum @HCW

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  • Terri

    The 88 cent sale ended on Saturday the 20th. Our newest flyer starts the 21st thru 27th. There is a new PNS in town, with Grand Opening specials. Pepsi is 5/$10 with in store coupon. Armour Hot Dogs $.69, red, green or black seedless grapes $.88/lb
    Perdue Boneless skinless chicken $4.99/3 lb bag.
    Do you have this flyer also?

  • Mercedes

    Hi Terri,
    OK, it’s been reported that different parts of WI have different ads at certain points of the week. For my area, the ad runs from Thursday to Wednesday and for other areas it runs from Sunday to Saturday. I don’t know when this started happening but it sure makes things confusing when trying to put the deals together.

  • Kim

    Thank you so much for posting PNS/Copps deals!! It’s great to read a blog talking about stores I can actually visit! It would be interesting to know if the stores with Sun-Sat ads run exactly the same deals as Thrs-Wed. If so, you’ve got an awesome opportunity to get a 4 day head start in planning your trip before your ad is even out! I checked on the PNS website and if you look at the flyer by store, it says near the top the valid dates for the flyer.

  • Terri

    Neenah is Sunday thru Saturday if that helps.

  • Mercedes

    I looked at the ad online and it seems this may be a good time to use the quaker insert coupons. I will post tomorrow a link to a 1/1 IP. Also good use for thoe Ore Ida Mashed potatoes that came out in the inserts today. I also found coupons for this by the freezers at my store. There was a 1/1 Sara Lee frozen bites on 8/24 and a 1/1 Orville redenbacher on today’s insert. I see fre Extra gum, on sale BOGO and there was a BOGO coupon in the 8/03 inserts.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you soo much for this round up!! So refreshing to have someone post about Pic N Save match ups.!! Keep em coming!!

  • Anonymous

    At my Copps or PNS only 5 coupons can be doubled in one transaction.

  • Mercedes

    Hi Anon,
    That’s the case at every store. Only five coupons after you spend $25 per transaction. But you can slit your orders. I usually do this and will actually do the same tomorrow. I have two orders of $25 each and will double 5 coupons each.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never split orders before. Do the cashiers get annoyed when you do it?

  • Mercedes

    Hi Anon,
    I have never encountered an annoyed cashier when I split my orders. So if they do they keep it to themselves. I do let them know that I a splitting my orders and ask if that’s ok. I’ve never had a “no” for an answer.