Try Again! Play the Barbie Pink Ticket Party Sweepstakes for a Chance to Win + Coupon!

Update: It seems the website has run out of codes. You can find codes in specially marked boxes of Barbie® products and Barbie™ DVD.

I just won a Barbie or Barbie furniture! (not sure what they are going to send but whatever it is it was free!).  Here’s a new sweepstakes game available from Mattel and the Barbie brand:

::: Click here to play the Pink Ticket Party Game (wait for the page to load it takes a bit)

::: Once page loads, hit on “Play Now” at the top  and you should see a code show up.  You need this code to be able to play the sweepstakes.

::: You will need to sign up on behalf on your child aged 3-12.

::: You will get notice if you won anything.  Other gifts include Barbie Candy Bar gift packs and gift cards.  It seems many people are winning though.  For me it said that I had won a Barbie or barbie furniture. You will receive an email where you will redeem your prize and enter your mailing information.

You will also have access to printing a coupon to save $5 off your purchase of $14.99 in Barbie products.  Good luck!  Make sure to leave me a comment sharing if you won.

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  • Deanna

    I just one a doll or furniture for my daughter too. Thanks for posting!

  • Sinead

    I just won for both my kids! Thanks, said it will be here in 4-6 weeks after I confirmed through the email they sent me.

  • Chriscia C

    I NEVER win instant wins, but this said I won a barbie or furniture! YAY!

  • Michele

    I am soooo skeptical. It said both my kids won too. We shall see.

  • Sandra

    I won a barbie or barbie furniture as well.

  • Mami2jcn

    I also won a Barbie or furniture. Thanks so much for posting about this!

  • Said I won a barbie or barbie furniture too! We will see!!

  • It said I won too, I hope I did. Thanks for posting this.

  • Sarah Ulfers

    I won for Rosie!

  • Shelly

    Everyone wins. 🙂

    • The game rules says there are 8,000 barbies to go around so hopefully we will get them.


  • Leslie

    YAY! Says I won too, can’t wait to see if it comes!

  • Renee S.

    I played this for all 3 of my kids (even boys) & all won.

    • Jessica

      How did you get 3 free codes?? Just wondering… I entered for my oldest daughter and won, but I’d like to enter for my youngest daughter also.

      • Renee S.

        I didn’t play today. We won last week and at the beginning of the month. We also had codes from certain Barbie items we’ve purchased. You may have to have Dad or Grandma try with another computer/email address.

  • Karen

    Says I won for my daughter too…barbie or barbie furniture. I hope so, it would be nice if it got her in time for her birthday!

  • Lisa

    What am I missing? When I go to the website, a code is not popping up anywhere…

  • Jessica

    I won for my daughter also! Has anyone NOT won anything?? lol Anyone know if we can play more than once?

    • Hi Jessica,

      According to the game rules you can only request the free code once per week.


      • Jessica

        Thanks Mercedes! But does that still mean I’ll have to wait a week before I can request a free code for my other daughter??

  • Melanie B

    It said I won too…hm…will be interesting to see what everyone gets!

  • melissa

    Where is everyone finding these codes I do not see how to request one on the site

  • Rachel

    I don’t see it either. It goes to the form that shows the child’s name, age, etc and says “your code”, but the code is blank and there isn’t anywhere to fill it in at.

    • Rachel

      Finally got a code. Keep hitting the “Done” button over and over and you will eventually get a code.

  • Lisa

    We can’t get a code either. We don’t even get a screen where it says “your code”. We only get the form for child’s name. Any suggestions?

  • My code never came up. My daughter is now sobbing because we can’t play because the site didn’t come up with a code. She was so excited. Its frustrating to know some got greedy and signed up for even their boys- and I can’t do it at all.

    • Renee S.

      I just want to be clear about a few things. My daughter got 2 Barbie items for Christmas that included one code each. On the backs of her codes were Official Rules #1-7 (you can see these at the website). Well, she won nothing, but in very teeny tiny print on the rules it states that between 12/31/09 & 1/31/10, you can visit the website and get a free code. We got a free code on 12/31 and she won a DVD. When I “accepted” the Official Rules, I saw additional rules #8-14(?), one of which states one prize per child. We purchased more Barbie items on clearance(my daughter loves Barbie and the Three Musketeers) and my boys played and won (I didn’t think they’d let my daughter win again even though she had more codes from the Barbies I bought). I just don’t want you to think I sat around today and “cheated.” I didn’t even play today since my kids have already won.

      • Thanks for clearing that up. When I read it at first it seemed like it was all one after the other. I apologize for misinterpreting you. I was searching for answers and dealing with my very upset toddler (thankfully we found the normal games) and was just kind of frustrated.

        • Renee S.

          It seems like some people are having luck & getting codes now, so I would just keep trying. Good luck!

  • Michelle

    This is wierd..i entered the info, click Done….and it so slow that after few minutes i did refresh but then when i click again on Done, it says that “It looks like you already played and won the Pink Ticket party instant winner game. never got another screen and nothing in my email…..:(

  • Michelle

    Does anyone know if there is another way to get a code?
    When you click on play now, it doesn’t give me any code….

  • Angela G

    Yeah Michelle I think we got in too later. Having the same issue. Guess they fixed the glitch. Sounded fun though!

  • Michelle

    Angela did you end up getting a code then or not?

  • haely

    no code 🙁

  • Angela G

    No code for me :<

  • Heather

    I tried, too. It said I could find the code in the movie. The webiste didn’t give me anything.

  • Kerri

    I just played and got a code, I had to hit Done 11 times then a code popped up!

  • kristi

    hmmm, i just tried…had to fill out and click on the done form about four times, then it gave me a code…nothing was happening, so i refreshed…code went away…filled it out and clicked done 4xs again…gave me a code, clicked done…box popped up saying that i had already played and won, they were glad i was a winner, but each person can only win one time…so we will see if we get anything!! =)

  • Kathy

    I just played it and got an instant win too, but when I tried to click the “redeem now” button it gave me a code error screen. Oh well. We have all the Barbies we “need”. Hope that those who were able to complete the process get the dolls/furniture.

  • Suellen

    I won earlier today too! It was a pain in the butt, I have to keep trying and trying to get the free code!

  • Michelle

    It finally worked for me 🙂

    Thanks Mercedes

  • Heather

    Tried again, and had NO problems at all this time, went right through. Thanks so much!!

  • nicole

    i won a barbie or barbie furntiture, i told 3 of my friends about the promotion and they said they all won the same thing. I hope that this is not a glitch since it seems everyone is winning this prize. It says in offical rules this –

    Eight thousand three hundred and twenty-five (8,325) Barbie® Dolls (Basic) or Barbie® Furniture. (Actual prize to be awarded will be randomly selected by Sponsor at its sole discretion). ARV: $9.99.

    it also states in the rules for prizes not won throughout the promotion which are non-winning Codes for each month will be entered into a Second Chance Drawing for unclaimed Grand Prizes, if any, for that month. so it gives you more of a chance to win i guess. maybe thats why everyone is winnning. who knows. I hope its not a glitch. hope everyone gets their prize. lets cross are fingers everyone.

  • joann

    I never got a code but it still said I won the furniture and let me print coupon????

  • Erika

    Each of my girls (twins) won? But the second email for the redemption never came through. So I think I will have to figure out a “prize” if it doesn’t arrive…

  • Randi

    I didn’t get a code either, but it claimed I won and sent the confirmation email with the link to “redeem”. Seems fishy… we’ll see in a couple of months I guess.