Poptarts 80 cents a Box at Target This Week


Target currently has an unadvertised Kelloggs promotion going on:  Buy 5 of selected Kelloggs products and get $5 Target Gift card.  You should be able to find tags about this promotion at participating stores.  So far I have read Poptarts 12 count boxes, Nutrigrain bars and Special K bars are included.  This is how you can get cheap Poptarts this week:

$24 for ten boxes of 12 ct poptarts (Check at the price scanner to double check they are part of GC promotion, a “Special Promo” message should pop up)
-5 use five $1/2 manufacturer coupon from 2/22 coupon inserts
-1 use one $1/2 Target coupons here
= Pay $18 out of pocket and get two $5 target Gift Cards at check out.

This promotion runs through 3/16 but the Poptarts are on sale at this price this week only.  The Target Poptart coupon expires 2/28 too.  So, this week is probably your best chance for a good deal.

Please note that the new Target printable coupons read “Limit one per transaction.”  A lot of cashiers recognize that this wording is actually a burden for them as you are entitled to ask for separate transactions.  I have not seen this enforced at my store yet.  But beware and prepared that it is a possibility.  I would love to hear if others have had this enforced by their local Target stores yet.

Thanks Moneysavingmom!

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  • Yes, my stores, I shop at several in my area .. all said one per transaction. I usually shop during the daytime when there is no one in the store and the cashiers have time to read the details on the coupon. 🙂

  • BB

    I saw someone posted this deal last week, but did not do it. They would have been free with overage last week. The Target coupons say one per transaction now, so this deal would be misusing coupons.

  • K. C.

    My Target will not allow me to use more than one of their coupons. . .in fact, I hadn’t even noticed they had changed the wording until the cashier pointed it out to me. Oh well! It would have been a great deal, but it won’t work for me. 🙂

    In fact my Targets it seems that the cashiers are paying a lot more to coupons, and reading the fine print on every one I give.

  • BB is my hubby. I agree with him and don’t think this deal is legit.

  • pamela


    When i click on the link to the target coupons , it is not there. Do you know where i would find this coupon at?


  • Amy

    My Target did not let me use any printable coupons last week, even printed off of the Target website (Chicago).

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  • So the consensus is that this deal is not worth it since you can only use of the Target printables? I will live it up anyways as sometimes a deal is in the eye of the beholder.


  • My store was still taking more than one Target coupon as of last week.

  • pamela

    ok i just got back from target…i was able to use all of the coupons. I also got the Gillette razor deal if you buy 2 for 7.99 each u get back a 5 dollar gift card. well i bought 10 boxes of pop tarts , 2 Gillette breeze razors 1 secret flawless deodorant and 1 box of plastic silverware (i need it for work)…i spent 26.27 with tax and got back $15 dollars in gift card…not too bad….hope it works for some of you