DEAD: Post Trail Mix Crunch cereal Moneymaker at Walgreens through 4/25


Update: Sorry guys, this RR deal ended yesterday and it’s no longer working.

Walgreens and CVS seem to be all about unadvertised deals this week.  Here’s a hot cereal deal not advertised on the weekly Walgreens circular.  Post Cereal Trail Mix Crunch is on sale this week 2/$5.  People are reporting the following Register Reward deal:

Buy 3 boxes Get $2.00 Register Reward back
Buy 4 Get $3.00
Buy 5 or more and get $5.00

Use the $2/1 printable coupon here.  It’s a Smartsource coupon and people are reporting they have been able to print more than two coupons at once.  If you are able to get your hands in more than two coupons you could:

$12.50 for five boxes of cereal
-$10 five $2/1 printable coupons
=$2.50 out of pocket and get a $5 Register reward back!

Happy Savings!

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  • Tatiana

    I bought five this morning and did not get any RR. I know the catalina machine was working because i received RRs for the skintamite.

  • mangomom

    I think this was a moneymaker at Walgreen’s on Sunday, April 19th ONLY- it seems to be linked to the Post RR/Cat deal that ran at some grocery stores last month, and ended on 4/19.

    Still a great deal without the RR, though!

  • kristina L

    I printed the same 2.00 off coupon a week ago and now that coupon is expired on 04/13.

  • Hey- thanks for posting about this. Even if I don’t get a RR it’s still a good deal on cereal!!

  • Rebecca

    Anyone else get an error message that says “your default printer is not supported” when they try to print these? Anyone know how to fix this? It’s a brand new printer that works with every other coupon printing site. HELP!

  • melissa

    Bought 5 boxes today and no RR! I think it starts on the 24th. But the boxes were on sale. great deal, better with RR

  • Nina

    I was able to print four coupons for four boxes…..great deal even without the RR….THANK YOU for the post!

    • Sorry guys,

      I read about the Post cereal catalina at other stores. it just seemed weird that a RR deal would end on a Sunday at Walgreens. if your Kmart is doubling you can get it free there. $0.50 a box is also very good.


  • Meichelle

    The RR wouldn’t print for me either. The manager was awesome, and was trying everything he could to help me out. He was confused :D.
    I wish I wouldn’t have bought 5 of these! LOL. And, I just looked at it, and 3 of the boxes of cereal I bought were already expired! Don’t know what to do there. Will they take them back?

  • aunttammie

    The coupon is no longer on the Post website. Just an ad for entering a sweepstakes.

  • Meichelle

    Aunttammie… It is showing up on mine… It says save 2 dollars now!

  • aunttammie

    @Rebecca, if you are using a Mac you might not be able to print with Firefox. I have to use Safari on my Mac for most coupons. Don’t know why.

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  • Deanna

    i just printed 3, that was my limit i guess. Gonna try at my Walgreens. Still a good deal without the rr. My dad doesn’t know what to with all the cereal i keep bringing him! lol

  • Sarah Evans

    I didn’t get rewards today. Does the catalina print at Safeway?

  • Paige

    ack…my wags didn’t even carry this…and I tried 2 places!! 🙁

  • I boiught 3 and no RR, but still at .50 a box was a GREAT deal – love this cereal. It expires in 2 months, but I won’t have any trouble eating in time! 😀

  • I bought 5 and got no RR.

  • Deanna

    Bought 3, no rr and mine don’t expire till Dec. 2010! lol

  • Meichelle- They should definitely take it back! You can always show your reciept and the date on the box to show it expired AFTER you purchased it! I once bought some expired butter and took it back. A little while later they still had expired butter on the shelves (not the one I’d bought because I’d opened it!), and I made sure to point it out!! I think because they aren’t a “grocery store” some grocery items get over looked since unless there is a good sale they aren’t often purchased!

    It’s not safe to have expired goods on your shelf!!

  • Laurie

    Meichelle- I just went through the same thing @ K-Mart… mine expired in 3 weeks (and I thought that was bad enough) so I tried to exchange it and all they had was stuff that expired in Jan.! If you can’t EXCHANGE the cereal (cause you wouldn’t want to just return it and forfeit the savings), and it’s not too far past the date, there ARE some great recipes on Post’s website (energy bars- yum!) to help you use up the cereal. (The date is actually a “best by” not expiration, but I CERTAINLY understand your concern!) Also, you could try exchanging it at your local Wal-Mart, as they take back/exchange anything they sell. Good luck!