The Price of E-filing

Ok, so I have been dragging my feet about doing our taxes. They were 95% done by the end of January but we were missing one form for some stock my husband owns and dividends he received. I finally got him the contact information so he could call to ask the amount received.

So, I am finally sitting down today to complete this. I have checked everything, it looks good and go to try to E-File and it’s $35.90 to E-file both federal and state taxes!! So, here I am thinking, is this really worth it? Should I just mail them in? I can’t get a hold of hubby to ask him what he thinks we should do. Can you help me? Should I just go ahead and pay this amount to get my refund. If it matters I am talking about $3700 refund total (ridiculous!).

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  • Kacie

    I paid about $90 for my federal and 3 states.

    I used my Ebates account to access Turbotax, and that got me about $5 back or so.

    Since you’re getting a huge refund, I’d say efile so you get your money much faster. That way, you can start letting it grow interest in YOUR account, rather than the government’s.

    I got my federal refund in like a week via direct deposit.

  • John J.

    I look at it this way…
    Before E-filing I always wanted confirmation that the government (Fed & State) received my return. So I would send each of them certified with receipt, which, depending on the weight will run you $6 each. Today I use priority mail at the office to mail corporate returns…about the same price with signature confirmation.
    So from my perspective it’s a matter of about $20 ($10 for each return). Considering the almost instant processing and feedback you get if you use something like Turbotax; also considering the hefty refund, I’d go for it. This coming from a guy who shops everything to death.

  • Mrs Mecomber

    After reading this post, I asked my husband if he paid for e-filing. He swallowed hard and said YES. $30 plus tax!!!!! I can’t believe it! Last I knew, filing was free. Hubby said it was free the first year, but now only 1040EZ is free. Sheesh!

  • Anonymous

    If you have State Farm Insurance you can register there and go to Turbo Tax thru them your return is free. Got that info from Kacie at Sense to Save. Saved us $50.00. We got our refund in a week.

  • Mrs Mecomber
  • MoneyCommonSense

    My husband’s suggesting was to go to one of the discount websites and re-enter all of the info into their forms and pay less. I had to remind him that we not only have a 1040 form but also at least 3 other schedules: for itemizing, for the HSA we have, for a rollover IRA. I didn’t want to re-do the whole thing.
    I had never thought about what John mention of e-filing gives me confirmation of receipt and I also agree with Kacie that the sonner I get my money the sonner I put it to work for me. But with the way the market is going it may be safer to keep it out of it.
    But we do have State Farm and I will look into this because I may be able to download what I have into what they are offering. I’ll check.

    Thank you so much everyone for all of the advice.

  • Anonymous

    I did have to re-enter all my info into Turbo Tax after coming from State Farm but since I was saving so much money I didn’t really care. I also saved on my state return. It was a little bit of a pain but worth it. Good luck.