Print Now Save Later: $5 off Leapfrog Tag Books

Here is a coupon you may want to print now and save for use next week: $5 off Leapfrog Tag books.  Target will have these on sale buy one get one free next week (starting 11/21) or as low as 2/$9.99.  Depending on your cashier you may be able to use one coupon per book you buy so you may be able to get TWO free.  But if not, you are looking at 2/$4.99 if you are only allowed use of one coupon.  That is still a great price for these!

Thanks Mojo Savings!

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  • Julie

    Great deal thanks!

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  • pennyscents

    will this be on sale in the regular weekly ad, or the Black Friday ad? Also, it does say on the coupon $5.00 off any book over $9.00.

    • Penny,
      This should be in the weekly ad.


  • erika

    does anyone know of a another link. i already maxed out my prints from this one 🙁

  • Maria

    Do we know if the TAG reader is on sale too? I have the $10 off from Target, and $5 manufacturer coupon.

    • Jennifer S

      Check the black friday ad for Target. I think I saw it on sale for $24.99.

    • *Amanda

      I bought the toy story 3 tag reader bundle pack tonight. It was marked 45 and rang up 35. plus the 10 target Q and the 5 man Q. For 20 bucks, I’ll take it and not fight the black friday crowd!

  • sarah

    Can anyone tell me where you found the $5 man. coupon at???Thanks

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    • Carrie

      I just did the Tag books deal @ Target.
      BOGO at $9.99. There are books for 13.99 BOGO too.

      The coupon specifies you can use it on a book $9.00 and up, so if you buy two $9.99 books, use one coupon, and pay $4.99 for both! I didn’t pay 9.00 for both books so Target will only accept one Coupon. Trying to use 2 is dishonest since the coupon clearly says $5 off book that is $9 or more.

  • pennyscents

    I was also wondering where this $5.00 off mc can be found. It is not listed in the coupon database either. If someone that has used this coupon please post where they got it from, it would sincerely be appreciated! Thanks! 🙂

    • *Amanda

      a while back leapfrog offered a free book in the mail and they came with a 5 manufacturer coupon with them .

  • Mom23

    this link is friggin bogus….it leads you to a survey and then to
    and you have to install other toolbar crap to get the coupon! STUPID STUPID STUPID!

    DO it if you like leaving your shopping preferences and personal security scattered through the open web! xb

  • Tracie

    Where is the coupon to print? I can’t find it.