Print Now Save Later: Nature’s Bounty Moneymaker Deal at Walgreens

Starting on 4/18 Walgreens will have Nature’s Bounty Vitamin D 120ct tablets free after register rewards.  Print the following coupon to get them better than free:

Nature’s Bounty Vitamin D $5, Earn $5 RR when you buy one
Use $2/1 Nature’s Bounty Product Any coupon (exp 5/5/2010) or
Use $2/1 Nature’s Bounty product coupon or
Use $2/1 Nature’s Bounty product coupon (enroll and print welcome coupon)  Thanks Passion for Savings
FREE plus $2 in overage after register reward

This could actually be a $5 moneymaker if you already have Nature’s Bounty products in your home.  Enter the codes found in the bottles in the Nature’s bounty Rewards program and if you have enough you could print a coupon for $5 off one.  Nothing like getting paid to shop!

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  • claire

    The second link is only for the multivitamins . Thanks

    • The second link says any Nature’s Bounty Vitamin or supplement.


      • claire

        Using a different zip code I saw it 🙂

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  • Michele

    First link said I already printed ,but didnt.

    • Kelli

      I’m having the same problem.

  • Sharon

    Same problem with first link and what zip are you using for the 2nd link?

    • Sharon

      Works if you go to and signup.

      • julie

        90210 worked for me.

        • Kelli

          Thanks Julie…that worked!

          And thanks for the new link Mercedes! Now I have my 4 coupons – yay!

  • Tami

    Wait, you hand them all 3 coupons?

  • Jenn

    No – you give them one coupon per bottle of vitamins. As with most Walgreens RR deals – you will want to purchase each bottle of vitamins separately to ensure you receive all your Register Rewards.

    • Kelli

      Thanks Jenn – I think Tami was asking about the coupons. I am a frequent Walgreens shopper : )

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  • CJ

    1st coupon says Ive already printed it, 2nd is only for the multivitamins and 3rd wont let me print because I previously signed up. No coupons for me:(

  • Michelle

    I was able to print from the the second and third links.

  • Michelle

    CJ- the second link coupon says “ANY Nature’s Bounty Vitamin/Supplement product” so it will work on the Vitamin D supplement. I think you need to enter a different zipcode to view this one. I entered 90210.

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  • Tami

    Nature Made has coupons available on the web right now and Walgreens is having a B1G1 sale on them right now!

  • Linda C

    Why do you not put the same information on e-mail? You say you put more on facebook but some of us are on dial up internet, unless we want to pay $60.00 a month
    Thank you

  • Tami

    Seriously who still uses dial up? She isn’t obligated to send you any information at all stop complaining.

  • Molly
  • Linda C

    Well Tami I still use dial up because we can not get high speed internet where we live! Brightwood , Comcast, ATT ect. I was not complaining I was simply asking a question. So Tami don’t be rude when someone asks a question. Just be glad you are lucky enough to be able to get high speed internet.

    As for Mercedes sending information on her web site I understood that it was a home business.
    My question still has not been answered why do you not put the same information on e-mail as you do Facebook?

    • hi Linda,

      Sorry to hear you have to deal with dial up. I bet it is very frustrating. I mostly share with my facebook fans deals that are very time sensitive, like a swagcode that expires in an hour. Or posts by other bloggers hat I don’t have the time to share here. But for the most part I share on this blog the best offers I come across that I feel most people will be able to take advantage of. So, you can feel good about knowing that you are getting quality information.


  • Linda C

    Thank you Mercedes