Print Now Save Later at CVS: Huggies and Dove Men Coupons

I just wanted to give you the heads up on this two upcoming deals that will be available at your local CVS store the week of January 31st.

  • First, there will be an extra care bucks deals on Huggies products: Buy $20 in selected products and Earn $5 in ECBs (limit 1).  The Huggies jumbo packs will be on sale for $10 each and the tubs of wipes 2/$6.  Here’s a suggested scenario for that week to get cheap diapers:

Buy two Huggies jumbo packs $20
Use two $2/1 Huggies diaper printable coupons
Pay $16 plus tax out of pocket and earn back $5 in ECBs.  That’s like paying $5.50 per pack.

Hopefully you can get your hands in some CVS store coupons to better this deal.  Thanks Cha Ching on a Shoestring!

  • Another upcoming deal for that same week of January 31st is on Dove Men products: Buy Dove Men Care products for $5.49 and get $5.49 back in ECBs.  The limit on this deal is 2.  There’s a printable coupon for $1 off one Dove Men Care product that you can use to make this a moneymaker.  According to Michelle over at Money Saving Madness the print limit on the coupon is 8!!

Please remember that these deals don’t start until January 31st.  but I wanted to bring them to your attention now because they involve printable coupons that may or may not be available by then.

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  • Lisa

    Stange… I just tried the Mens Care Dove coupon and I got the “Sorry you have already printed this coupon the allowable number of times….” message. To my knowledge, I have never printed a Dove Mens Care coupon.


  • kara

    lisa ~ same thing happened to me as well…oh, well…

  • Jean

    Me too!

  • Alex Houston

    The same thing happened to me! I have never printed this before!

  • Ladies – you are not able to print because of information embedded in the link on this post. It is connected to a user who has printed the coupon already. Just go directly to and you will be able to print the coupon.

    • Kristina L.

      I tried this and it didn’t work for me either. I think because I put my info on the first one that it said I already go it OR they are already out of the coupons.

    • Regina G

      I also tried and it did not work for me.

  • I have a question? What zip code are you using to get a $2.00 off huggies coupon???

    • Thank you so much Jennifer! I updated the link.


    • Jennifer,

      try 60712


  • Juanita

    I have had this happen to me on other coupons too. Does anyone have any idea why it says I have printed when I have not?

  • Juanita

    Okay so I just linked to the site from the above link that Jennifer left and I put in a different email address and to my surprise, it DID let me print this time!!! So maybe try a different email address???

    • Stacey

      Same here. I have printed Dove coupons but never Dove Men. It wouldn’t let me print any using the usual email address I use for these things, but it let me do it with a new address.

  • Molly

    Anyone know about how many diapers are in the jumbo packs?

  • Katie

    I think that the print limit might have been reached on the Dove for Men. When I click on the coupon, nothing happens (but when I try to click on the deoderant coupon next to it, that one comes up.)

  • Hey, you’re welcome! Anytime this happens, this is usually the problem. The brinks links (and others) that require registration to get the coupon, some of them store your registration information in the link to the coupon, so the actual link is limit to only one or two prints. That means the link is unique to each user and cannot be shared. So if this happens again, just try going to the manufacturers main page and get to the coupon from scratch yourself!

    Thanks for the zip code Mercedes!

  • Teresa

    There were also some Dove Men displays at my local grocery stores (in Ohio) that had tearpad coupons on them $1/1 and another one for a Free shower tool wyb 2 washes! So be on the lookout for those!

    The jumbo packs of diapers I believe have about 27 in them (Little Movers, or about 30 for Snug and Dry) for my son who is a size 4. The smaller the size the packs go up by about 3-5 diapers a pack.

  • lisa

    Does anyone know for sure if it’s cheaper to buy Huggies at a Costco or Sams Club?? Thank you!

    • tara

      no. it is not if you coupon wisely & wait for the right sales.

      the idea behind couponing is stocking up on certain items when they are on sale.

      if buying diapers at sam’s, you get a box of 288 huggies size 1-2 diapers for $37.98.

      if buying the smaller packs (like these. they generally cost $9.99 without sales or coupons), jumbo packs of huggies will come 50 to a pack for size 1.

      that means, you have to get about 6 of them to equal the amount of the large sam’s box (300 diapers).

      at 5.50 a pack (after RR and coupons), you are saving a considerable amount of money by buying them at walgreens instead of sam’s. you’ll get 300 diapers for $33.30.

      in most instances, you can get these size packs under $5. i got many at babys ‘r us on new years for $3. if you are a member of publix baby club, they will send you awesome coupons that will make your savings even greater.

      in general, sam’s is quite possibly one of the most expensive places to buy diapers.

      good luck!

      • Tracey

        I have to disagree with this. First, your scenario does not take into account that not all jumbo packs are regular priced at 9.99. Huggies has several brands that tend to be priced higher than that normally. Second, how can you stock up when there is a limit of 1 deal per customer? My child will go through these two packs of diapers in about two weeks. Rewards on diapers are rare from what I’ve seen and unless there’s a mega sale…also rare..that is the only way that these stores beat Sam’s regular price. Third, your scenario only involves the size 1 and 2 diapers. How much of a deal you’re getting depends largely on the size diaper you need. Once your baby outgrows this size, the diapers per pack start to decline which drives up the per diaper cost per pack.

        Sam’s Club currently has a box of Size 3 Huggies Snug & Dry for $37.98. This comes out to about .19 cents per diaper. The size 4 is the same price for 176 diapers or about .22 cents per diaper. The Sam’s club box of Size 1-2 diapers has more than the size 3 diapers so right from the start, the every day price on Sam’s club diapers are more economical than buying at CVS.

        The largest number of size 3 and 4 diapers I have been able to find in these “jumbo” packs is a little less than 40 per pack and that will vary by the type of diaper. The Little Movers jumbo packs tend to have fewer diapers than the Snug & Dry packs for example. I have a size 3 pack of Little Movers at home that has 31 diapers in it and this is what they consider a “jumbo” pack. Let’s use this one for my example.

        At CVS’ $10 “sale” price, this equates to .32 cents per diaper. You would need a little more than 50 diapers per “jumbo” pack to equal Sam’s regular price. In the size 3 and higher diapers, this just isn’t going to happen.

        The only reason that this is a good deal is because of the reward bucks and since you have to go back to the store to cash in on those rewards, it’s not even a good deal at that moment. In my mind, it’s just an added incentive to spend money on something that is overpriced to begin with. Drug stores still have the highest prices around. If the product is overpriced to begin with, how much are you really saving?

        • tara

          I am fully stocked with diapers from waiting on good sales. I have not had to rush out and buy diapers without coupons or without a good sale. If I did, I would probably ask my mother if I could go with her to Sam’s & use her Sam’s card.

          I am an avid CVS shopper. I always start the week with ECB from the week prior. I will do the Huggies deal & use the 10ECB I have from the Pepsi deal to start plus coupons. So out of pocket, I will get 2 jumbo packs of diapers (84 diapers approx) for about $6 and the get 5ECB after. I think that is inexpensive, regardless of the size of the pack.

          However, I’d agree that this CVS sale is not the best one to use as a comparison. Let’s use Publix instead:

          Last night I bought diapers at Publix. I got the boxes, which are normally 19.99 at Publix. (Size 3, 96 diapers). I had a buy 2 get $10 Publix coupon, which they allowed to be used with a $3 ad promotional coupon (only allowed on one box). I also used a $2.50 off and a $2 off coupon from mailers/internet.

          So I got 2 boxes (192 diapers) for $22.48. Now, in order to do this you must be a member of Publix’s baby club & stack with other coupons, but I believe this beats the Sam’s price.

        • tara

          I also was using like comparisons…

          Little Movers are considered Huggies Premium diapers, not regular diapers. Snug & Dry are considered regular diapers. They have different counts & different prices. You are overexaggerating the cost differences.

          I shop primarily at Publix and know the prices best there… Little Mover boxes are $23.99 (76 size 3) and Snug & Dry are $19.99 (96 size 3).

  • Magdala

    I was able to print 4 Dove Men’s coupons. Two at first and then went back and re registered with a different email and printed another two.

  • Anthony

    FYI… I was able to print 2 Dove Men’s coupons. I might try to print from a different computer…

  • Nathaniel

    Just tried to print coupon and was able to print it 2 times.

  • THANKS a lot ..nice article