Print Your Free Mission Tortilla Chips Coupon

If you reserved your coupon for a free bag of Mission Tortilla Chips, you can go ahead and print it now.  Make sure to use the same address you used when you signed up for this promo.

If you remember this was a promotion I blogged about about 10 days ago.  if you liked Mission Tortillas you got a coupon for free tortilla chips.  I am very disappointed in this offer from mission Tortillas.  I was hoping they would put in the effort to do this right and mail the coupons to people.  instead they issued this coupon as a printable coupon.  most stores are not accepting printable coupons for FREE items, so this coupon is useless to me.

Thanks, Rose Knows Coupons!

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  • Emily

    They even said that day the coupon would be for $2.99 off because many people brought up that issue. Guess they figure less people will be able to redeem it this way and they won’t have to pay out as much.

  • kelli

    said I already printed mine. I did no such thing

  • zelda

    Hi send Mission tortillas an email and tell them the stores in your area do not accept these coupons and I feel sure they will mail you a coupon – when they had a cents off coupon a few weeks back i was unable to print it and i sent Mission an email stating that and i received a coupon in the mail for free tortillas – worth a try – and just wanted to say thank you for all you do to help out so many – be sae – zelda

    • Darci

      I contacted them too, and got my coupon like 5 days later!

      • pennyscents

        I’m just a lil confused. How did you contact them & get the coupon 5 days later??? I thought this coupon just came out??? Or, are you talking about a different coupon?

  • donna

    i cant get the link to go anywhere…the cursor just turs into a capitol I but with the lines on top and ottom….and the link underlines….thats all it does…….strange and wal mart takes the free coupons…i talked to the lady on their FB page and she said they take em….print a copy of their coupon policy and take with ya……..i was livid whe i went to walmar and they woudlnt take any internet coupos…and i knew they take em…i use them all the time..this one winch though wanted to be a jerk…she was succesful at it too.

  • Mariah Washington

    I live in South Texas and for me Kroger, Walmart and Target all take free internet coupons with no issue! I used it this morning at Kroger with no beeps! I’m happy with the offer…

  • Kristen D.

    You know, I and a LOT of other people are having trouble with it finding our emails, even though we all signed up at the right time and did everything correctly.

    I can see this turning in to a BIG ole mess real soon.

  • Not delighted with this promotional either. I don’t know any stores that take “FREE” printable coupons. Not only that, but apparently my email address can’t be found. Mission really dropped the ball on this one.

    • Lori

      totally agree with you. stores won’t take internet coupons for free items cuz they say they don’t get reimbursed for them…they only take manufactures coupons out of a coupon gude for free items. and my email also entered cyberspace somewhere except for mission’s mailbox. do these blog sites NOT know how to set their operating system up to fulfill their promises & to deal with heavy traffic all at the same time? FRUSTRATING when we do everything right on our end, then get screwed by the promotional site! yep, i think mission has a big ‘ol mess on their hands. maybe they’re eating too many chips instead of doing their job.

  • Robert R.

    Couldn’t find my email address either. Errr.

  • shuchi gupta

    is the link working for u guys?

    • donna

      thats what i was saying the link wasnt working for me either…my cursour wont turn into the finger for it it just gives me a things that wont link with a link….seems everyone thiks the problem isa eamail address……hell i cant even link up to get mad about the email address thing…..godo luck…………

      • I fixed the link guys, I don’t know what happened there. the link was working and then it was not.


  • Erika

    Hi i just printed and used this link:
    I am disappointed that it expires 7 days from today, i’ve never notice these in my store, and it will probably end up expiring before i find them

  • donna

    Thank you for correcting the link….i was able to get to it…….that was all i was able to do though….get to iit……….i know i signed up for that coupon…i remember thiking…..what is the point of all of this/ then it dawned on me what they were doing…assuring people coupons………..well so much for that briaght ideal.
    Agai..thank you for correcting the link….to bad Mission cant fix their problems………

  • pennyscents

    I also don’t have any stores in this area that accept FREE printable coupons! It expires on 3/11th already too.

  • Lisa

    MAIL free coupons.
    When will they get it???????????????

  • Darci

    Thank you! Got my coupon. ☺

    • Darci

      P.S. We eat these all the time. My husband uses them to make his famous Mexican salad too.

  • Bethany

    I was able to print my coupon and it is for $2.99 off any one bag of Mission Tortilla Chips. Did they change it from saying “Free” to “$2.99 Off” because of complaints?

  • Mariah Washington

    If you go to there Facebook page there is a new link for a new coupon that is for $2.99! And if you already printed the free one you can print this one also. I printed the free one this morning and just printed the new one for $2.99 off

  • Stacey

    If you printed earlier today, try again. Mine was “free” this morning. Useless, like others have said. I just went back, after reading Bethany’s comment above, and not only did it let me print another one, it now says $2.99 off.

    • Stacey,

      Thanks for letting me know!! I will print the coupon again.


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